Tuesday, August 2, 2011



I'm doing pretty good out here. The weather is still hot. It's been in the high hundreds for a few weeks now but what else is new. The work is still kinda slow but its starting to pick up. Not a whole lot really happened this week, except for Monday, that was so fun!! We played capture the flag with our zone and the Tulsa zone as well. It was Zone vs. Zone! Even President Merkley played, and he is really competitive!! It was a blast! instead of tagging each other because there were girls there, we had these small panty hose like sacks filled with white flower and we would throw them at each other, whenever we got hit, we had to go to jail. I still wish that we were playing! We won 4-1! other people in my district were taking pictures, so I'll be able to copy them onto my camera and then send some to you. Man, I wish I was still playing!! It was super hot tho, I was so exhausted afterwards. Totally worth it.

Thats really great that Grandma is able to be up there to help you, Tell her I said Hello! Sad to hear that Dwight was sick on his birthday, hopefully you guys can do something later on. It really is bizare that I'm close to hitting my year mark!! It is going by really fast! I Joey really coming home that soon? already? Was that already 2 years? Geez Where did the time go!? So you can send a letter to Garrett but he probably wont send one back. He is told my that he is trying to be more obedient and emailing friend is against the mission rules (same here, I should probably do the same.) so we are starting to hand write each other. Sure it takes longer, but it is so worth it! Tell Lauren I said I love her back, and she too needs to write Garrett! he said he hasn't gotten a letter from her for 7 months!

So I have to say that the highlight of this week would probably be Capture the Flag and yesterday (Sunday) I had to instruct about 100+ people during 3rd hour on member missionary work. It was something that Elder Gibbons instructed us 2 months ago. Because it was the 5th Sunday of the month, there were more classes combined. It actually went really good!!! My companion was in the University Branch giving a talk, so it was me and my ward mission leader. He spoke for a little bit. Once towards the end when I said "any questions?" There was a man that came up and said that he can 100% testify to what I said, This plan that we have, he used someting like it on his mission and they had a goal of 150 baptisms in one year and they hit 152! This is going to work. I can really feel it! It may take a while to get the ward in the motion, but it's going to work!!

Well I better get going but before I go, could you send me out some stuff for my birthday? The only things I can think of at the moment is a few CD's I really can't think of anything in particular. If you need Ideas, just go to deseretbook.com or ask the missionaries for ideas. Also, there is a movie called The Best Two Years. Its hilarious! and you can get it on the same website. Ties, of course :P oh, and my cargo shorts. You know, the brown ones that I wore everywhere back at home. If you can't get to them or can't find them, don't worry about it. maybe just random knick nacks. Ask the missionaries! lol or Brian or Alan. Oh, and pictures please! would you guys like anything out here? I just realized I'm almost at my year mark and I have hardly bought any souviners! Thats what happens when your broke lol. So just let me know if you need something. ;) My shoes are fine, I'm taking very good care of them. The rest of my clothes are good too. If you cannot send out that stuff, don't worry about it.

I should go, butI hope that you all have a great week and I'll talk to you next week! Love you, bye!


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