Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey there,

I'm doing good, This week was alright. Not a whole lot happened this week, We had a few lessons which was good! We are trying to get a hold of one of our investigators that are literally impossible to get in contact of. I'm not sure why it happens but we'll see how it goes.
Transfer call came on Saturday night and we are both staying here another transfer. I'm happy that I'm staying. I love this place! So I'd have to say that the best thing that happened to me this week is when I actually got mail, I got a letter from Garrett!!!!!!!! I was jumping up and down when I saw his handwriting in the mailbox. He's doing great, he brought up past memories that made me laugh my head off. I cannot wait until we all I reunite with all of my friends and family.
When I heard that a cars 2 was coming out I knew that it would be bad, the first one wasn't that great either, so I don't blame the girls at all. I'll have to be sure to send Dwight a letter to wish him a happy birthday. I cannot believe that my birthday is coming up so soon! Today is going to be a busy day, because its the last week of the transfer, our whole zone and another zone are going to play capture the flag! I'm really excited for this. Its going to be huge! too bad I forgot my camera.
That is FANTASTIC news that Dwight came to church!!!! Its even more awesome that he wants to speak during testimony meeting!! Tell him that I'm so happy for him!! Man, I wish I was there to see that! I actually have never heard a non member do that before. Other than one of my investigators doing that before she was baptised, that was Corey. I wonder how she is. I wrote her a while back and haven't gotten anything. Oh, before I go I've been meaning to tell you a few things.
One, is that I gave one of our recent converts, Heath, the priesthood a few weeks back. I was shocked to hear that he wanted me to do it. It was funny because I was at sacrament in the singles ward and the executive secretary in the Ranch Creek ward came in and sat next to me and said. "Do you have your temple recommend on you?" I said uh, yeah, why? he then said good, because Heath wants you to give him the priesthood, are you okay with that? I of course said yes. So I left to go do that and when I walked into the room where he was at he looked and me and just lit up! he was so happy to receive it. This really made my week!
Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I'm really considering of becoming a pilot, more than likely a Airline Pilot, but I'n not 100% sure about this. It's just a strong thought, you know how much I love flying, why not do something I love to do?We will see, things could change.
I better get going but I hope that you are feeling better and taking your medication, tell everyone that I said hello and that I love them, also, tell Lauren to write me for once!! It's been a while. Have a great week, talk to you later!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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