Monday, July 18, 2011



So this week was pretty good, still slowish but we are being effective. It was a really interesting week we got a phone call from the zone leaders asking us how we are being effective. We told them how, then they said okay, thats good because they were in a meeting with a lot of people in each ward and people in this ward is having a really hard time trusting the missionaries in this ward thanks to past missionaries that really burned them, meaning that they were really pushy and didn't really take no for a answer. So, its going to be twice as hard to work in this ward to gain the members trust, because without that, then you minus well sit in your room and do nothing. We are going to try to earn the trust in both areas. So we are keeping our service clothes in the car at all times and just stop by members in the area and offer service. We aleady have one service appointment this week to do, put in a mail box. That will be fun stuff.

We were in Tulsa for most of the day on Saturday, trying to find some people that a member in the singles ward refered us too. That was a adventure... That city is all messed up, and it doesn't help that there is constantly construction. We had a member in the singles take us at the last second (thank heavens) and we told him what is going on and he said: Well, you have my trust. Score!!! one down, 599 to go.... I might have to extend my mission lol.. Oh yeah, so the weather is pretty insane, it just gets really hot! Which I don't mind, but when you add the humidity, then we have a very uncomfortable problem. Haha. Its okay tho. I really don't mind it. I just sweat a lot and I just drink a lot more water

So we have been working so hard by trying to get a hold of one of our investigators that will be baptised at the end of the month and its literally impossible for some reason. Its the strangest thing. Well we found out from a member who is a friend of hers said that she will not be ready to be baptised at the end of this month but her daughter still is but we are not sure if we want to baptise her without her mom. So we will see how this goes. I'm pretty happy that I found out about this because I don't want to baptise her if shes not ready. That is a huge mistake.

I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better mom. It really sounds like you are improving greatly! I hope it continues. Yeah.... everyone here is talking about the Harry Potter movie and how awesome it is... I'll just have to cover my ears and wait! That is all I can do haha... Well I got to go. Tell everyone I said hello! and I'll talk to you next week. I don't really care what I get in the package, as long as there is PICTURES!!!!!! I love you all very much. Thanks for being my biggest support mom. Bye!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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