Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th, 2011


I had a pretty good 4th of July yesterday! in the morning, the ward had a big breakfast with a lot of games! I played a lot of volleyball. It was super humid yesterday because of the rain that we had Sunday night. It also didn't help that we were playing on wet grass too... In the afternoon, we got invited to play softball with the zone leaders and the assistants in Tulsa, that was a blast!!! we won by a point! It was great seeing past missionaries that I haven't seen for a long time such as Elder Smith, my trainer! he goes home in a few weeks. In the evening, we went to a BBQ with the singles. That was fun too! we played Volleyball, again. We kinda left before the fireworks went off because they were going to play some awesome music that isn't allowed for missionaries.... also there was going to be a dance. But I still had fun.

Yeah, I remember Ben, He is a nice guy. We get along pretty well. That is nuts that Joey comes home next month! I figured that Nathan came home sometime this month. So you were watching home videos huh? oh boy... We really have grown up. Haha.. Yeah I knew that the Rooks are moving and I knew that Garrett was planning on going there. I know Sunday was his Birthday!!!!! you don't think I wouldn't know when my best friends birthday was!?!?! Haha. I wonder what he did. Wish I could of sent him something, but it would of taken 3 months to get there haha.

This week was good, but slow, real slow. No one was home this week so it was really hard for Elder Joyner and I to teach people this week. People were out of town for the 4th. But I still had a good week. We rarely go tracting. I can honestly say that I haven't tracted in about 3 months. It is a waste of time for the most part. So we are really focusing on members for now on. We are here to serve them and they always have a friend that is not a member. It is a lot more use full. We are trying to change the habit of tracting because it has really been worn out and other religions are doing it too.

So how was your Independance day? did the girls like the fireworks? How are they? Good I hope. Did you guys go on the boat again this year? How was Lauren's birthday? I bet she was gone all day and night with her friends. Well, I better get going, Its so crazy that I've been out for almost 10 months!!! Wow! I hope that you all have a great week! I'm really happy to hear about the Hot Dog eating contest! I wish I could of seen it. How much did he eat? Love you all!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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