Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey Mom,

This week went pretty good, It was a little slow because no one was home, its was the weirdest thing. But we went on a exchange with the assistants and it was a blast! Elder Woodward and Asay are the best! they were both my zone leaders at one point and they both used to serve in Ranch Creek so they gave us a lot of names to visit people. So now we are going to be even more busier! My companion, Elder Joyner and I are getting along just fine, he's really funny and awesome! He likes A LOT of the same music as I do. Metallica, Iron Maiden, and so forth.... We make a lot of jokes together but we also work real hard together and that is very important and good.

I'm sorry that you didn't recieve the pictures, I'll try again. It sounds like you guys had a great week! How is the weather there? It's the same here, hot and wet but its all good. Oh, thank you for telling me that you are enjoying delicious fish fry without me, I guess that I'll just have to enjoy eating huge juicy delicious steaks here without you. lol. We practically eat like kings as missionaries when we are at members homes if we don't eat with them then it seems like I'm scraping crumbs out of the toaster haha!! I'm so broke right now. But its okay, the members feed us really good here and its almost the first of the month!!

The other day we set a baptism date for a mother and her daughter for July 30 and they accepted!!! I'm so excited!! SO,for the 4th, We are having a big ward breakfast in the Ranch Creek Ward, then in the afternoon, we might play baseball with the zone leaders, the assistants, and President Merkley, then in the evening we are going to watch the fireworks light off with the University Branch, Yep. Pretty busy there. Oh yes I did get Justin and Elizabeth's package. That is so awesome they thought of me! I loved it!! can I get their address so I can write them and thank them please? So there is a family here that just moved to Indianapolis Indiana! Lucky, I told them to get me a football autographed by Peyton Manning so I can give to Dwight. Wait! I want it Haha.

I better get going. I hope all is well, Take care and I love you all!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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