Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey Mom!!

This week went fantistic!!! We had a baptism on saturday and it went aweome!! I got to confirm him yesterday at church and it went great!!! The weather is hot and humid but there is nothing that I can do about it so I'm just going to have to accept it and deal with it and not whine because the more you get frustrated, the more your body gets hot! so I don't want that! We are in a car still, I get to ride bikes only when I go on exchanges because they don't have a car. The shirts that grandma sent me are good and they help. I could always use more tho. my collars are literally brown by the end of the week!! Transfer calls came on saturday and I'm staying here and Elder Gordon is Leaving, its sad because he's awesome! My next companion is Elder Joyner, I have no idea who he is but I hear that he should be going home soon so this may be his last area so I may be here for a while! I'm sorry that your allergies are so bad, mine actually are not, there is a nose and throat doctor here in the ward and I was telling him about my problems and he percribed my some nose spray and it works miracles!!! he gave me a year supply perscription!

I honestly cannot believe how fast time is shooting by. I've been out for 9 months already! and I hardly remember this transfer. haha. work is going good, I really apologize on how short this letter is, I'm going to try and post pictures and it could take a while. Also I am sending you a voice email too, hopefully it works. I love you all very much and you are all always in my prayers!!

Love always,

Elder Daniel Stuart

**Elder Stuart sent us a voice emial. Not sure how or if I can put that on the blog. He sounds great! He loves what he is doing and loves his companion. He wanted me to tell everyone he would like some more letters from everyone! He said nothing is more frustrating going to the mail box and there is nothing in there.**

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