Monday, June 20, 2011



New Missionaries in the district, staying up late to finish work, constantly busy, new companion, always broke, praying til our knees hurt, dealing with the hot humid weather and the pouring rain, things thrown at us, casting off evil spirits, Yep. I love being a missionary.Ha ha

Hey Mom! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a tiny better. This week was okay, it was pretty slow for the most part, only because of transfers. My new companions name is Elder Joyner and he is from Utah...of course. He has been out for 19 months so this will probably be his last area. He is really cool! He's a hard worker so that makes things good! Being busy and working hard is the only way to go!

During transfer day, I was waiting for my companion to come all day because he was all the way in Missouri, he didn't come until like 5:00 in the evening. So I just hung out with Elder Asay, was my zone leader but now he is a assistant, he is really awesome! we have gone out on exchanges before. We had a Greene with us too. Asay and I get along real well. He kept saying to me: "Elder! When are we going to be companions!? you need to hurry up and be my companion!" I told him that now that he is a assistant, He can make it happen. So we'll see how it goes. Ha ha.

So also during transfers Elder Asay said to me " Oh, by the way, you know that you and Elder Joyner are now covering the Singles ward too, right? I didn't find out at all until he told me on Thursday, so now, Elder Joyner are working twice as hard. Its great!!! We were at church for 7 hours yesterday in the Ranch Creek ward with our investigators and then we had to leave early to go to make it to the Singles ward, good thing its in the same building. That ward is great!!! so many nice people!!! We introduced ourselves yesterday in classes. I told them all that we are here to serve YOU. Not the other way around. They seem to really like us so we'll see how this goes. They invited us to come to a Fireside in Broken Arrow which is 30 minutes away. It was great!I am real glad we went, they love the missionaries. Now that we cover both areas, we Cover 2 stakes, its the second biggest area in the mission. First is the Mong speaking missionaries, they cover the whole mission. I'm so excited!!! Going to be busy busy.

That is pretty much all that has been going on this week, Things are heck tic to begin with but its all good. This Thursday, We are going on Exchanges on with the Assistants on Thursday. That will be cool! Wish me luck! have a great week!! I love you all!! Thanks for your love and support. You are the best. Give everyone a hug for me. More pictures soon.

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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