Wednesday, August 10, 2011



This week was better than the past ones, Even tho it was pretty slow. On thursday, we got a referal saying that there is someone in our area that was taking the discussions from other missionaries in this mission but since he moved, he hasn't had the discussions. So when we got to his house, the man said, Elders! your fast! I only moved on friday! He was really happy to see us, I think he has a lot of potential! We can't really see him for a little while because he is going into knee surgery. But i'm really excited to start teaching him! I smell...Baptism!! In the future of course :)

So this weather is, i'm just thankful that its not really humid because it hasn't rained here for about 12 weeks. Its been in the hundreds for about a month straight! So because of the extreme heat, everyone in the city is cranking the A/C, which is putting a lot of stress on the power plant, so they are starting to temporarly shut off the power in sections of the city so it won't be so bad on the power plant. So there have been rolling black outs for about a week now. We were at a dinner appointment on saturday and the first 10 minutes of us being there, the power shut off, and the food was still in the oven! but luckly, it was barely done. I still had fun there, we were having a good time, making each other laugh, then it got really hot in there but it wasn't any better outside, but luckly there were dark clouds coming our way then it started to finally rain!! It felt so good. Too bad it only rained for about 15 minutes. Good times!

So yesterday, we ate at a members home and they told us at church if we spoke spanish, I said no and Elder Joyner speaks a little, but not enough to get by. Well the member (The Ahlborns) said that they are inviting there 5 friends over for dinner too and they are all mexican and only 2 speak english and 1 speaks very little. Well they are really nice, The Ahlborns also can speak spanish so It was kinda weird when they were all jabbering in spanish and they all would laugh, so Elder Joyner and I would smile and sorta laugh as if we knew what they were talking about. Thankfully, Sister Ahlborn would translate for us. So the really funny part was that, before we had to leave, Sister Ahlborn went to the kitchen and started putting candles in a big cake! Elder Joyner whispered to me: Do they know your birthday is coming up? I told him that I didn't tell them, so I thought that they found out some how. Well, it turns out that the cake wasn't for me, it was for them. Both of there birthdays are on tuesday. But its okay, I thought it was funny, I still laughed. There friends are extremely nice! I kick myself for not learning spanish in high school. Because It really can be usefull out here.

So a few members in the ward invited us to play basketball with them and there non member friends on monday night at the church, so we came along, and it was fun! they got along with us just fine! turns out that the non members are next door neighbors to one of the members and they want to do this every monday night now! They also want to eat dinner with us and the members too.

That realy funny that Grandpa dressed up like Don Johnson from Miami Vice for the 80's party, I've heard of the show, but not the actor. I wish I was there to see that! Man, I cannot wait untill I can go to Penny's Halloween parties! (don't worry, I'm not getting trunky) Well I got to get going, but I love you all and I hope you have a great week!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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