Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011

Hey Mom,

So I was wondering why I haven't gotten the package yet, I never thought about the Tornado Problem. It is pretty crazy weather with the tornado weather, I never did see one, they didn't get close enough for me to see it, but it was pouring and hailing when they were around us and the wind was insane! The sirens go off all the time! But we are all safe now. There really isn't any safe places for us to really go to in the house if there is a tornado. They don't have a shelter at the house I stay at, so the safest place is probably the hall bathroom because there isn't any windows there. The tornado is Joplin was terrible, it destroyed the stake center there but the funny thing is that there was a wall that still stayed up and it was the wall with the tithing slips in the wooden box and all of the slips stayed in the box. Funny huh? hehe. There was also a picture of Jesus that stayed hung on the wall.

Today is Car appreciation day. That is whenever there is a preventable accident that occurs or when a missionary gets a ticket, all the missionaries that have a car in the mission have to bike for the entire day, so we biked to the library and I am literally soaked in sweat, it's not even that hot YET!! Ugh. Haha oh well. So Lauren got a letter from Elder Hansen? We were in the MTC together, He's really cool.He is in my mission area. I was going through some pictures with him on my camera and a picture of Lauren came up and he instantly wanted to write her.Haha She doesn't have to write him back if she doesn't want to.

This week went pretty good, on Wednesday we had a mission tour with Elder Larry W. Gibbons of the Seventy, it went really good!!! It lasted for about 6 or so hours and he was talking about how we need to work with members with missionary work. They work with there friends and we teach them. It's very effective and it beats tracking by a long shot. Tracking is so usless. I was told that stastistics say that for every 1000 doors you knock on, you will get 1 or 2 baptisms. Talk about wearing out the rubber on the souls of your shoes. So we are working with members and its turning out really good!!

We had to push our baptism date with Heath a week because a lot of members in the ward will be in Joplin helping out there on his regular date so a lot of people wouldn't be there. He was fine with it so it will now be on June 11th. We are still very excited!!! I have been e-mailing Dillon every week and he is doing really good. He said that he too had a mission tour and Elder Christofferson of the 12 came and spoke. Thats cool! If I could pick a Apostle to come and speak, it would be Elder Holland. He rocks!!!!

Yes. Please do give the letter to the Rooks. Thanks! Did Angie say anything? That is crazy that the Newcombs are moving again!! Geez they move more than we do lol Just kidding. Well I better get going, I hope that you are all having a fantastic week! I'll talk to you all soon. I love you and you are all always in my prayers!!!! :) Thanks for everything! Tell everyone hello for me.

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

P.S. Oh! Before I forget, I was on exchanges with another missionary in his area and we knocked on his investigators door and a very very Fat man open the door. Not a big deal, right? Wrong!! He was in nothing but a towel!! So....Hairy..... and fat.......AND... He's towel started to fall off while we were there!!! Nightmares!!!

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