Monday, May 23, 2011



Don't have a whole lot of time but I'll try to hurry. This week has been great! We had a baptism on saturday and it went fantastic! her name is Jennifer Borutski and she is glowing so much more than when I first saw her. We have Another baptism on June 4th!!! His name is Heath Hipp and he is super cool! Very snmart guy. He practically taught us the first lesson and he already has plans to go to Navoo in August. So the work is going fantastic here!!! Oh by the way, there aren't any Wells Fargo banks in the south, Just in the West. The weather here has been insanly insane!!We get tornado warnings all the time. There was a Huge tornado in Joplin Missiouri that was about a mile wide and it literally destroyed the city. The missionaries there are fine but I heard their appartment got destroyed and the church building was destroyed so far there are 85 dead. I feel so bad for them. The first building that it hit was the Hospital. I'd like to help out. Sorry to hear about Penny, that is really terrible. I'll keep her in my prayers for sure. Tell the Girls I said Hello! and I love them! did you talk to those people at the store yet!? That is great that Ben got his call. Well that is just about it. Noting else has been going on. Hope all is well and have a great week. I'll talk to you next week!!
P.S. Pictures soon.

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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