Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th, 2011

Hey Mom!

This week was fantastic! we had a few days tho that were slowish but the work is great! We are working very hard. All tho there are a LOT of people here that are very comfortable with the religion that they have so it can be pretty hard to convince somthing to them. We have a baptism this saturday night, I'm so excited! and we have a few in the future. The weather last week was actually nice and cool, but it was getting pretty warm but we'll see how this coming week goes. But Elder Gordon and I are getting along real well, He is a great companion and is really good with his doctrine, he doesn't sugarcoat anything to anyone. The ward is great and huge!!! There are over 300 members in this ward and they are really nice people. I live with Bishop Nielsen and his wife, they are the sweetest people that I have ever met, all the missionaries that have lived with them calls Sister Nielsen, Mom. Don't worry mom nobody could ever replace you!! Hmmm.... nothing else has really been happening, Oh! there is this investigator here that has a zip line! except its a swing chair instead of handles. I went on it, I felt like Batman!! Well I'll be looking forward to the package! The only thing that I can think of that I need is Money, Since transfers came, I spent a load of money to re-stock the pantry, so I'm broke. Also, if its possible, can you send me some healthy stuff to eat? I'm trying to stay away from sweets hehe. Oh I have pictures to send you later this week, sorry I forgot again. Well I got to go, I hope that Lauren continues to work hard with her friend! and I hope that everyone is doing great out there! I love you all!! Thanks again for your love and support!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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