Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011


Hey there, yeah I'm in Alma Arkansas. Its alright here. The people here are really nice and loving. Its a super small town! I think there is about 7,000 people that live here. Ugh it is so weird! lol. There is another town right next to Alma that is a population of 72 people. That is crazy! My companion's name is Elder Reilley and he is from Utah (of course) but I'm not sure what town it is He's a really cool Missionary. He's been out for a little over a year. So its been really warm here off and on last week. On Friday it was in the mid 60's and its starting to get colder. I think its now in the 20's? The weather is pretty random here. On Thursday it was pouring really hard and the clouds were black and it was warm outside, Then the Tornado alarms went off, it was pretty interesting and wasn't sure what to expect. We didn't do anything really we just stayed alert. In about 10 minutes the alarm turned off. The Tornado went right around us!!! So the weather is freezing out there huh? That is so cool. There isn't even a drop of snow on the ground here hehe.

Happy New Year!! how was your New Year? Good I hope. I didn't do anything here. Just went to bed. New Years eve was kinda slow for the missionary work and so was the day of. Not alot to report this last week. People were just getting ready for the parties and then recovering from the hangovers the day after. The ward here is tiny and so there isn't very many youth so they didn't have a dance, they just had some games to play and some Karaoke as well. We didn't get to go because it started at 9:00 and we have to be in by then :P but its all good here.

So what has everyone been up to? Has Lauren been Skiing lately? what have the girls been up to? Is Dwight Working? I hope so. It feels like I haven't talked to you in forever! Probably because I've been busy with Transfers. Oh, Before I forget, my address is: 100 Kings Pointe rd. Apt F. Alma Arkansas 72921 I'm in a apartment again. Not with members lol. Please tell my friends to WRITE ME!!! I'm getting kind of frustrated that they don't write me when they said that they would. Tell them if they don't have my current address they can always send it to my mission home Tulsa address, they will mail it directly to where I'm staying. I miss them and would love to hear how everyone has been.

So, Michael and Andrea moved to Wyoming? What job did he find? That's cool that he has a job tho. Not a lot people have one right now. Is Dillon preparing for his mission still? Is he still Excited? Well I better get going. I hope to report more next week. I am looking forward to a busy missionary week!!! Hope all is well. Take care! Love you all!

- Elder Daniel Stuart

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