Monday, December 27, 2010


Hello Momma,

It was great hearing your voice!!!!! I'm glad that everything is going well with you all!! I too cannot believe that it has already been 3 1/2 month as well!!!! holy cow!!! Transfer calls came in on Christmas night, I'm being transfered to Alma Arkansas. Other missionaries and my ward mission leader told me that its a fantastic place to be. I'm really going to miss Springfield 2nd ward a bunch. I love this place so much. My new companion will be Elder Riley (SP?) He's been out for a transfer shorter than Elder Cox. Elder Cox is being transfered too!!! This is so crazy! This is a very rare situation that is going on. We didn't do anything bad at all. Infact, Were doing just fine. It doesn't make sence. Elder Cox is being transfered to Oklahoma somewhere.

So I have been going through a rough time lately and I prayed to heavenly father for help and guidence and I just got a email from Garrett saying some pretty powerful stuff. He said some things that really made me think. He is not only by best friend, he is like my brother!!! So I'm gonna take it into consideration what he said and stay. I told him that two years from now, We'll be home with our smokin hot wifes and look back at times like these and laugh! hahaha!!!

The rest of my Christmas went alright. I had a blast at my Ward Mission Leader's house for the day. Then we went to a recent converts house for dinner. It was pretty good. We had Ham!!! After that, We had baked apples, they were alright. I got sick to my stomach once I left. I've had too much junk food lately. That night, I was up all night with the 24 hour stomach flu throwing up. I feel so much better now!! Not much to report this week. The past 2 weeks have been really slow with the holidays and such.

Thats so awesome that the Colts won!!!!! and the Cowboys lost!!!!! YES!!!!! I hope that The Colts go to the play offs and then super bowl! I'd pray for them but that might be a apostate thing to do lol!!! So, how are things there? good I hope, How's the weather? Sorry to make this short but I'm on a timed schedule at the library for today. I don't know my new address yet so don't send me anything!!! :( As soon as I know my new address I will let you know so you can pass it on to everyone. Tell Dwight thanks for the advice he gave me. I pray for him every day as I do everyone. I better get going, I need to go buy some stuff soon. Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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  1. Looking good Daniel!
    We love you, and pray for you every night!