Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hey everyone,

So I had a interview with President Merkley on Wednesday and I was talking to him about some stuff and another thing I told him is that the homesickness will not go away and I hate it so much, I don't know what to do anymore. He just said: "Elder Stuart, you are going to be homesick for the rest of your mission and it will not go away, but you are also going to be so busy and blessed that you will hardly think about it". He also said that I remind him alot about him in his mission in Scottland, he was the same way as I was. So as soon as he gave me some council, my homesickness feeling left me.

So other than that, My mission is going very well!! we have a baptism coming up in about 12 days and we are going to go and see her and give her the paperwork to fill out, also she is going to tell us who she wants to baptize her. I'm so nervous!!! ahh!!!! she bore her first testimony yesterday, I had no idea that she would do it!! she just went up there and she said: "This is my first time doing this, so I don't know what I am doing but I do know that the church is true, and the Book of Mormon is true, and i'm also really excited to be baptized soon, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." My jaw dropped when I saw that!!!! It also put a HUGE smile on my face!! After Sacrament, I said: "Corey! that was a Awesome testimony, great job!!!" That was such a special moment!

Sorry that I'm lacking on the pictures, I keep forgetting!! I will try to take some more this week and post them next week. I'm so excited for Garbear!! he's going to do great!!! I miss that kid so much, so I better see some pictures of Kelton from ROME!!!!!! I'm still super jealous... By the way, do I have any money in my account? If you can, can you put some in? I always need emergency money in there, just in case. Also, I can't make any promises that I won't uh, accidently rip a wrapped gift...*cough cough* ;) Can't wait to get my package! I also can't wait to call home! I'm really looking forward to the letters. Oh, by the way. Next transfers are on December 29th.

Okay, well I got to go now, hope all is well with you!!! I love you so much, take care, I'm praying for you all everyday! Love, Daniel.

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