Monday, December 20, 2010



How's everything going back at home? Good I hope. I'm doing good out here, I got the winter package the other day. Thanks! but its starting to warm up for some odd reason... I hear that it will start to get colder this week then I can wear the stuff you gave me! :)Thanks for the package of presents! I think I know what one is, but I didn't open them, don't

So, the Baptism went really great!! I was the one to baptize her and it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget ever!! When I got in the font, I was expecting the water to get to my waist but it was actually at my mid thighs but it was really warm! as Corey came into the water, I helped her in so she doesn't fall, then as I raised my arm to the square and closed my eyes and just paused. I didn't forget her name or the words, I was just listening to the spirit.It was so strong as if someone was standing there talking to me. It was the most wonderful feelings that I have ever had. Once I said the words, I submerged her into the water and as I was doing this it literally felt like someone else was helping me do it, like an angel was surrounding me. I also felt someone lay there hand on my back, I don't know if it was a pat on the back saying: "good job, Daniel," or what. But it was VERY comforting for me. I can't discribe the feeling that came over me.

Preparing for the baptism was pretty crazy. But now I think back on it, I can't help but to just laugh!! Elder Cox and I were in a lesson a hour before the baptism and didn't get out untill 15 minutes before the baptism started. So after that, we rushed back to the apartment to grab my baptism stuff ( why I didn't get it before I don't know...) and rushed all the way to the church and when we got there, No one was there!! just my ward mission leader, Bro. Neal. This was insane! the baptism starts in 6 minutes and its empty here! only 18 people including myself and Elder Cox attended the baptism, I wasn't very happy about it but Corey didn't really noticed at all. I'm just really happy that we made it there in time!

The confirmation went great and crazy too. The person that normally picks her up didn't get her for some reason so we made a few calls to pick her up. We had someone get her, but the man said that he might be a little late. We told the bishop that and he said that he will try to stall while he is talking. As he was talking/stalling at the pulpet, he started to talk about the confirmation for her and then looked at me and I just shook my head, meaning: "shes not here yet!!" He kinda just gave me a weird look that said "Are you serious!?!?" then he just went into the sacrament. As SOON as they started playing the Oregon, she walked in! I couldn't believe it! I just started to laugh...I defiantly will not forget this loving moment at all!!! Great few days!!!

Other than that, my week has been going pretty well. We didn't really got to see a whole lot of people. They are either sick, or busy getting ready for the holidays, or both so its not as solid as it has been. I'm betting that the same will happen this week unfortunately. Its alright, we can find stuff to do. Earlier this week I got sick so we didn't really do anything until the end of that day, it must of been a 24 hour cold or something like that. I'm fine now, I'm just spitting stuff up like a camel.

So I get to call home sometime Sat!!! I can't wait! can't wait to hear your voice!!! I'll be at my ward mission leaders house and I can use the Cell Phone. Its sprint and its free on Weekends! Don't know what time I will be calling tho.

So I finally brought my camera!!! I hope I know how to do this... you should find some pictures of the MTC, Provo temple, Kelton and I, and others. So how is everything going for you all at home? good I hope. Is there still a lot of snow? There are only a few patches on there ground here and there out here in Springfield. Is Dwight working a lot? I pray for him to work a lot everyday and night, I also pray for all of my family for work and safety and health, I also pray for my friends and my friends that are on a mission that they may always feel the spirit. I've noticed that I pray a lot!!!! in about the first 3 hours of me being awake, I pray about 5 times! holy cow!!! I am here to tell you prayers work!!! Well I better get going. Hope all is well. Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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