Monday, December 13, 2010


Good morning,

How's everything going out there?! Better then here I hope, its freezing!!!!! I haven't gotten the package yet but hopefully soon. I'm glad you told me about somethings in the package because I was going to by some gloves and earmuffs, now I don't. I've been on a bike for a week now and it makes it even colder with the wind blowing in my face and my hands freezing on the bars. So we decided to walk around and that doesn't help at all!!! and it snowed yesterday!!! ugh...its mainly me face, hands and huge ears that get cold! When I was walking to a members home last night with the wind in my face, I was covering my ears and I couldnt help but to laugh. I bet Garrett is doing better in the "summer". Oh, and we do not have a tree. We had a Christmas party on saturday night with the ward. It was kinda lame to be honest.... nothing was there! No Santa Claus, no lights, no trees, no nativity on the stage. It was a real bummer but I had fun talking with the members.

So other than that, the baptism is coming up this saturday and I get to baptise her!!!!!!!!! oh i'm so excited and nervous at the same time, hopefully ill remember to bring my camera hahaha!!I wish you where to watch me do it! We are inviting as many people as we can so she will feel really welcomed into the ward once she becomes a member, she is super excited for that day. We are teaching other people also, there is this other lady that excepted to be baptised on January 15th, but she called me yesterday saying that she wants to be baptised on Christmas day I just told her that it cannot be done, we have to still teach her more lessons and she also has to quit smoking. She didn't seem very happy about it so we settled for her date to be January 1st. I personally don't feel comfortable for that date and neither does my companion or the bishop, So we are just going to wait intill she officially quits smoking, then we will set a date. She is a VERY frustrating woman...

So, Elder Schneider is engaged huh? hahaha!!! Awesome. I can see that happening to me once I get home too Ha Ha! Did he send a invite to you? or was it on Facebook? How is everyone out there? How is the Rook family? How are all of my friends doing? The family also? The talk that I had with my Mission President is somewhat working I guess. I have my ups and downs. My companion's name is Elder Cox. He is from Star Valley, WY. He has the exact birthdate as I do except he is a year older :S Hes pretty cool, We get along pretty good. Well I hope that everything is going good with you, I miss you like crazy. I hope I get that package soon! Hope all is well! I love you all!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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