Tuesday, November 30, 2010



How're you doing? How is everyone? My Thanksgiving was alright, the turkey was really dry lol, but the other food was real good (not as good as home tho). Football was awesome! It was raining when we got there and began to play then it stopped then decided to hail really hard on us, so it was really cold that day! My shoes were soaked and my sweater pockets were frozen! I'm glad that you all had a great Thanksgiving, how was the parade?

I'm doing good out here, it has its up's and down's as usual, and I am having a down week is all. We found some new investigators that are really looking forward to the discussion coming up. We also found some less actives that are really wanting to come back into the church, so we are working on that as usual. The person that is going to be baptized soon is Corey Dillman, her baptism date is December 18Th, and she is really excited for that day, she told me last night that if she could be right now, she would! My guess is that I will more than likely be the one to baptize her, only because I've been teaching her the longest. But its still her decision.

I am very happy that I am in a car right now! its been raining off and on for about 2 weeks now. I hardly feel the humidity anymore! the other day it was 100% humid outside and I didn't even notice. I only get to drive when I'm on a exchange with one of the missionaries that are not in the ward, because that would mean that I am temporarily senior companion and they are the ones that get to drive. The thing that I hate about having a car the most is that you have to have a missionary back you up all the time!! Its so lame! last time I checked, I can back up extremely well. So when a missionary backs me up, I just ignore them and do it the way I like to. I know I shouldn't be that way lol. Some missionaries are so strict on the rules here its ridiculous! I'm going to hate my mission if I can't have any fun. I do enjoy my mission tho. Just having a hard week. I need Dillons address and his email address. I sent off a letter to him a while ago and it came back here with a sticker on if saying that its the wrong address. I forgot that he moved! has he gotten his call yet? are his papers in? I really hope that everyone is doing great out there and I miss them terribly. Continue to pray for my companion and I. I love you all!

Love, Daniel

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