Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey Mom and Family,

Thats great that you got the pictures and videos!! Sorry if I didn't say hi to everyone on the video!!! I've already told him that you said thanks :) Got my hair cut. Wow it's short! I'm doing good over here. This week was super rough. Not much success and so on, but last night, Elder Smith and I were teaching a woman named Cory. She's a little challenged. She she has the personally of a 16 year old and shes 23, she's also a little slow. We have been teaching here for 3 weeks now and invited her to be baptized a while back and she wasn't really sure beacuse she didn't know what her dad would think. So we went back last night and started talking about Baptism and the Holy Ghost, along with the blessing that you recieve once you are baptized. After we taught her that, she had the biggest smile on her face and said: "I get it now! I know that this is true! I don't even care what my dad thinks, I want to be baptized!!" So we re invited her to become baptized, she said yes, we commited her to prepare to be baptized on December 18th and she said yes!! So we have a baptism coming up and few in process. So pretty much what happened last night totally made my week better!

So the Holidays are coming up really fast! are you getting ready? Is Dwight doing a deep fry turkey like last year? That was so fun! I think what i'm going to miss most about thanksgiving besides the food and family and everything like that is going to be the Parade! I watch is every year!
Thank you for the pictures! Holy cow was that Grandpa!?!?! I almost died laughing when I saw that! i can't wait to go to Penny's Halloween party when I come home. Can you also send me some more of my clothes? its getting kind of boring wearing the same jeans and 3 shirts whenever I get a chance. Can you send that Maroon long sleeve shirt too? I like that one. It got really cold out here the other day! People have been telling me that this is a different cold that I haven't felt before, this cold goes straight to my bones! I didn't really believe them. Why should I right? I mean, I've been in the negative weather with 7 plus feet of snow in my driveway, Why should I believe them? Well the other day it was like 30 or so outside and it was freezing!!!!!! especally with the wind chill. Its cause if the humidity, it really does go to your bones!!! Yikes!!!!

I'm studying hard every single day. I'm understanding the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel more then I did back at home and Mission Prep. It really helps when you pray before you read ( and devote 2 years of your life.) I'm also talking to people alot more then I have been. Life here can be so stressful at one minute and the best I have ever felt. Please keep on having family prayer, if Lauren is going to be out for FHE, have family prayer and scripture reading before she leaves so you all can do it together as a family. I'm proud of you all!!! I love you all very much. Hope all is well!

Till we speak again, Adieu.

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