Monday, November 1, 2010



So the Ward here had a Trunk or Treat and chili cook off here on friday! there were so many chili's but none of them were as good as yours. I was actually thinking about yours when I saw all of them lol. So it is getting cold here but its warmimg up in the afternoons so I'll need the winter stuff soon. So how is Lauren feeling now? I've known about it for a few days now. So once I found out I automaticaly knew everything was fine. So i'm not worried. Thats good that MY car is being fixed up! did the lady freak out or anything? How long has it been raining there? I can't believe i've been out for almost 2 months!! It seriously does not feel like it.

The mission is going good. We have had a very stressfull week. We dropped 9 investigators this past few days, including Tony Clark. He just keeps avoiding us! its stupid. But i'm still trying to stay positive in doing the Lords work! Thanks for the blog. Too bad I'm not allowed to look at it, so you'll have to tell me about it. So did Dwight go to church on sunday? Thats so awesome that he is getting more involved, my plan is working! I now challange him to read the introduction of the BOM and ponder about it, and also 1 Nephi Chapter 1 and do the same. Every so often we go Tracting, its really usless tho. Statistics say that for every 1000 doors you knock on, only 3 will except what your saying and for every 1000 member referals you get, 600 will accept it. How is everyone doing? How are the girls?? I'm excited to get the gift! My homesickness is wearing off. I'm beginning to "Lose myself and go to work" as Late President Gordon B. Hinckley said for all missionaries to do. Once I do that, the work is 10 times easier and quicker. One of my goals that I have here is to talk to investigators more. Everytime I try, I freeze! so Elder Smith comes in to the rescue. I will get better at it, then before you know it they wont be able to shut me up haha. How are all of my friends? doing? did you tell them about picture?!? Oh, we were riding our bikes and we saw someone driving by us and the passenger was more of a hick than Earl Hickey is!!! and he was talking like Boomhauer but like 3 times faster! I was laughing so hard cause I don't know if he acually talks like that or if it was the beer in his hand that made him do it!!!! What an idiot right? but the Lord still loves him. I hope you got the video ok. He is a really cool member that took it. Yeah I got my hair cut. haha It's short!! How is everything else coming along? hope all is well, Love you all! Oh continue to pray for me. I love you all!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart.


  1. So awesome! He apparently figured out how to add a video, but not pictures! Very funny!

  2. This was a video from a member in his ward. The member sent it to me. Hopefully Daniel will figrue out how to send me more pictures. He looks sooo good. Hey said he has lost 6 1/2 lbs!