Monday, November 15, 2010



Hey there!! I'm doing good out here!! We now have TWO baptism dates! I'm so excited for these people! Last week was pretty busy, We had Zone Conference and exchanges, so things here have been really busy off and on. Sorry if this letter is short, we don't have much time on the computer today. So its cold huh? And snow this week? wow. There isn't any here. It's just in the 30's to 50's, but the humidity out here makes it so much colder out here!!! Elder Smith is still my Companion for now. We got transfer calls on Friday night and i'm staying here in Springfield 2nd ward and he is going to 1st ward to be a zone leader which is funny because we share the apartment with the 1st ward missionaries so he is just moving across the hallway, haha!!! my companion will be Elder Cox he too is in 1st ward with the two zone leaders but he's not a zone leader, he was just with them because he got hurt and we are right next to a hospital so he moved in with us. He's fine now. The other zone leader is being transfered to Bentonville Arkansas. Does this make sense? Let me know if not. Oh, by the way, Transfers start Thursday. Elder Smith has been a great companion! He really knows his stuff. He has been a good teacher for me. I have learned so much. I am excited to have Elder Cox as my companion. Well I hope that all is well. I miss you all so much! please be safe. Please keep praying for me and pray for us to find people who are searching for the gospel. I love you!

Ciao. Daniel.

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