Monday, November 22, 2010


Hey Mom!

Wow! you already left for thanksgiving huh? I completely forgot about that, i've been losing track of time. This week has been really insane! Well i'm glad that you made it to St. George safely.

Like I said earlier, my week has been insane! As I told told you, transfers came and I've been trying to show Elder Cox the ropes as best as I can on a bike, I'm not really enjoying the whole bike thing right now, its seriously burning me out! I can't wait to get the car back on Wednesday. Our teachings went fantastic earlier last week! We met this new guy named James, He goes by J.R. He and his family are really nice! The bad thing about it is that he is still on probation for a few more years so he cannot be baptised for that very reason, but his family still can, so its a working process. This week has been mainly stressful towards the end because we are having to bike everywhere for now and people keep canceling our appointments at the last second and the man that was going to be baptized on the 1st of January dropped us yesterday. So i've been pretty ticked. But the woman that is going to be baptized on December 18th is still a go!

How is everyone doing back at home!? How is Lauren? How are the Girls going? How are the dogs? How is Dwight doing with going to church, praying? How are you? You know, We brought a few investigators to another wards baptism to show them what it is like and the man that got baptized reminded me so much of Dwight, He's around his age and what not but as he was sitting there listening to the Hymns being played and Sung he started to cry, This huge stepping stone in his life will change him forever! As i saw him being baptized, I felt the spirit SO strong in me because as I witnessed this I thought of Dwight, and when I did, I felt the Spirit, at that minute I knew for a fact that Dwight will be baptized for what I am doing, and ill be the one doing it. I almost started to cry right there. This will be amazing! Mom, we have been waiting and working for this for about 14 years now, Then I can be there for you both in the temple.

How are the Rooks by the way? I haven't heard from then in a while. I sent them a letter a while back. I'll be waiting for the package, you don't have to send if off right away. How is work coming along with Dwight? good I hope, I've been praying for that and you all everyday. Thanksgiving is going to be good. I have breakfast with the King family. He is the one that e-mailled you the pictures of me. So i'm really excited for that!!! later on in that day, The ward is doing a "Turkey Bowl" its just a huge football game that they play every year with the 1st ward. Apparently it get pretty competitive, We get to play in it!!! I am SO IN!!!!!!!! I love football! I wish I had a Colts shirt or Jersey. Oh well. We only have one dinner that night with the McBurnie family. He's in the Bishopric. They too are nice people and there are going to be alot of people there so there will be alot of food!!!!!!!

I haven't been able to go to the temple since the MTC. There isn't a temple in our Field at all so the next time I go is with you in Spokane! ;) Its kinda a bummer because I really need to go there and learn more, but have fun with Grandma and Andrea! Well, I better get going, Hope all is well, Time is shooting by fast! I rarely think of home and when I do, its nothing big, before you know it, I'll be home. Yikes!!!! Love you all, have a good one!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart.

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