Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hey momma.

IT'S COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey there!! how is everything going!? I'm going good here. I actually haven't been feeling well lately and neither has my companion. I'm getting better tho. I talked to the mission presidents wife about what is going on with me, I told her that I have been getting random headaches quite frequently, then on friday I had the biggest migrane in the world! I thought that I had a tumor and my head was going to explode! she did some research and asked me some questions and she said that I have a sinus headache. It totally makes sence! I always have sinus problems! ugh.. so she told me to go buy a certain medicine and try it out and if there is no improvement in a few days then go to the doctor. So far so good. I get small headaches every so often, but they don't last very long. She called me yesterday and asked how I was doing and I told her that. I told her that I'm just going to weigh it out and if anything bad happends, then I'll go to the doctor. Now, I have a freaking cold! hahaha! of geez. So, how are YOU feeling? are you geting over your Pneumonia symptoms? How is everyone else feeling?. My guess is that you went to the...Hospital? beacuse of your...asthma? right?

The weather here is pretty insane. It was nice and sunny and warm all last week and now this week feels like someone left the fridge open... It snowed on sunday night and it dropped about 2 maybe 3 inches if that and everyone here is freaking out! schools closed, stores closed, the library is closed! I didn't get to e-mail on my preparation day! good thing Wal mart and Taco bell was open. So I am now e-mailing on a tuesday! People here are driving like 20 under the limit while Elder Reilley and I are driving like we are in Nascar compared to them Its hilarious! I love being in Alma Arkansas! I'm drawing a southern accent, AHH!!!! Thats something that I didn't want! haha! I try to refrain myself from talking like that but it normally comes around when I'm around someone like that!! The people here are super nice and the ward is great! The work is a little slow right now but we're working on that. We have a baptism coming up on the 29th of this month. I'm so excited! we actually have 2 or 3 baptisms coming up soon but no dates yet. Its a working process.

I don't think I have ever done as much service then I have ever done in my life! Just about every other day we are at someones house doing something. Its great! I was digging holes at someones house the other day and putting together a tool shelf the other day. One time we went to a investigators house to give a lesson. Her husband wasn't home but we still went inside to teach her. Big mistake. I don't really know why we went in, but we did anyways. We taught her and helped her take down Christmas stuff then we left. The Spirit was not there... I felt sick to my stomach just being there when we weren't suposted to...We shouldn't of gone in. Lesson learned. I felt so bad.

So umm... yeah. My district leaders name is Elder Shaw, and he is in Clarksville. That is really weird that you said that. I thought you were stalking me or something... I'll let him know that our mothers are talking to each other. He's a really great missionary/district leader. I'm looking forward to getting to know him more.

I haven't gotten gotten any letters yet. From anyone. But I'll keep my eye open like you asked me to do so. That is so Great that Amber is preparing herself for getting babtized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to hear that! I almost cried when I read that! Tell her that I am so proud of her!!! Well I better get going. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!! 40 isn't that old, my companions parents are in the 50 or more!! and I hope you had a Happy Aniversary!!!

Take care. Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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