Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey there!

How is everything going out there? How is the weather? Is it still cold?? The weather here is crazy... Its warm now, about in the 60's or so and also it changes to rain or snow. Depending on the weather. The week here was slowish. Our investigator that was going to be baptized keeps missing church so we have to keep moving her date back farther and farther. She has been really sick and the doctors found some sort of a cancer in her blood stream AND she is moving! so now we have to give her to other missionaries. We haven't had a investigator in church for a while now, We keep inviting them but they don't show up. This is just one big trial that I am facing and I know if I stay faithful to What the Lord wants me to do, Then I will be blessed. It may not be a blessing of investigators or church attendance, it could be a blessing of comfort knowing that I'm doing the right thing and it will bless my family as well.

I saw the pictures! They are great! I can't believe that Dungy is getting so big!! Dexter is a dwarf compared to him! Ha ha!! Once you go to the store, Tell everyone that I said hi and I miss them! There really isn't a whole lot to report this week. We were at a investigators house and I saw the play offs! Who's in the super bowl now? lol. The mission has been going by so fast I literally cannot believe it! I love the people that are in the ward here. At least once a week we have been going to a members house to help re build it, (There house burnt down to the ground last year) and I love going there and helping them! It's a great service to do and they are great people. So I've been hearing that the church is opening the China mission but they are just waiting for the OK from the Chinese government so we can go and once they get the OK then the church is sending most of the missionaries here in the states there! but it will mostly be a service mission for a while so we can soften there hearts so when other missionaries come in, they will preach the gospel! I'd think that it would be awesome If I had to go there! I already know the gospel, now I just need to know the language! I would already be a step ahead of other missionaries that just learn the language because that is all that they do!

Everything else is going good here, my clothes are holding up but I just keep getting dirty! hehe oh well. I've been getting a lot headaches quite frequently so I'm going to see a doctor today to see whats up. Oh, I also forgot my camera again! I'm sorry, I know its annoying that I keep forgetting but I'll try to remember next week. I hope that all is going good out there, I miss you all and love you all very much!

Take care! love,
Elder Daniel Stuart

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