Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey there,

Well it sounds like you had a good week! congrats on the job interview, Mom! Prayers do get answered! I will be sure to continue to pray for you of course :) That is really awesome to hear that the girls gave talks in class! I wish I was there to hear both of them. Did Amber talk about me the entire time? Great to hear! Dwight came to church! yes! I love to hear that!!!! I too cannot believe how fast this month has shot by, I'll be out for 14 months tomorrow, that is weird to think, huh? You guys are getting snow huh? We're not. It was cold last week but it's warming up again into the 60's. I hear that it will get cold again too. Apparently, we were on tornado watch all week last week, who knew!? Well nothing happened, so that is good. I'm pretty good on my winter stuff, As soon as spring comes, I'm sending all of my winter stuff home. It takes up way to much room in my luggage! Hey, is there anything that you guys would like out here? like a souvenir? I know that I'm still in the states and nothing is really different, but let me know if you want something. If I was out of the country like Garrett or Kelton or Adam then it would be much different!

Oh, so I was going through some of my letters the other day and I noticed that I haven't written Alex as well so I wrote him and sent it off today. I feel like a jerk for blowing that off. I'm still going thought to see if I missed anyone else. Hey can you find a way to get Lauren Agoneselli's (sp?) address? I'd love to write her! Garrett is a district leader!?!? Woah! Congrats to him! He has a lot of work to do now! he will do great! he had that kind of caring, work hard attitude. And I will be sure to write Dillon, I hope he gets out of that phase, it's not fun.

This week was pretty good, we were able to teach a lot this week and do a lot of service as well! Nothing really exciting happened this week. Other then on Saturday, we had a dinner party at the church and I saw a man there that I knew from Springfield! Man, I can't believe that this happened again! we recognized each other and we started to talk to each other. He is a less active that is starting to come back and he just moved here with his fiance' and she wants to know more about the Gospel as well, so we scheduled a date for Tuesday for us to teach her. Well, she came to church yesterday and didn't want to go to Relief Society, so we taught her the Restoration and she seemed to like it. She asked really good questions too! We are going to have to take it slow with her, but that's okay! We are going to teach her again this Tuesday. I can't wait! we are having really good success! I love it.

On Wednesday, we had exchanges and I went to a town called Harrison and I was with the district leader. He is a mega stud and really hilarious! we played a game called lemon, it's when you see a yellow vehicle, you hit each other and yell lemon! It's fun, I have a bruise on my shoulder haha. On Thursday, we had a zone conference, that pretty much took up the whole day, it was in Springfield and that is almost 3 hours away from Mountain Home so by the time we got home, it was ccompletely dark. But I enjoyed it, I was able to see familiar faces again, that is always good.

I better get going but I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Daniel Stuart.

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