Monday, November 7, 2011



So I'm going to say it right now, I hate daylight savings... We set our clocks back the night before the saving hit. Well it turns out that Elder Dentons alarm clock automatically does it and he didn't know! So it turns out that we actually woke up late, real late. As soon as we ended our morning prayer, we heard a loud honk outside and we both looked at each other and Elder Denton ran to the window and shouted: No! He's here! and about 10 seconds later, we heard a knock at the door, it was our ride for stake conference! we got dressed as fast as possible, I didn't even have time to shower or shave! I looked like crap but no one said anything. Stake Conference is held in Springfield, and that is about 2 hours away and our ride literally drove like he belongs in NASCAR. He was going 90 in a 65 zone! scared me half to death... So yeah, there is a funny story for the family. Moral of the story is to double check your alarm I guess... or to shower and shave the night before something big happens. Haha.

This week was pretty good. We were able to teach quite a few lessons and also picked up 2 new investigators! they are awesome. They say that they don't have much of a desire to be baptized at the moment, but they are kind of sick of there own church. We taught them the Restoration. They loved it! they asked a lot of other questions, a lot the revolved around the Plan of Salvation. We answered there questions and they told us that they find those answers to be really comforting! This is so cool! It turns out that we do a LOT of service in the area. Like I said before, more than half the ward is really old so we always help them, especially now that winter is coming soon so they need help with fire wood and stuff like that. I've come to really like this area, the people are great and very generous. I really do love serving a mission. People ask me all the time how long I've been out and I tell them and they say: Man! your running out of time! or something like that. I am excited to be going home, but it's quite depressing when I think of it sometimes. I will never have a time in my life to do what I'm doing right now ever again. I know that you don't want to hear this, Mom but I'm really considering about extending my mission. It will only be for 30 days but the likely hood of President Merkley doing that for me isn't very likely. It's harder to do now I guess. But I'll really start to think about it more when I get even closer to the end.

Sorry to hear about the broken ankle, Lauren. I hope that it will get better soon! Hopefully before the wedding huh? ha ha it will, no worries. I really hope that you have better luck finding a job. Mom. I pray for your success all the time! But on the other side, Dwight is still working, and that is good! Prayers are answered in different ways. So I saw a movie the other day called 17 miracles. That movie is terrific! I highly suggest you find it and watch it as a family, it defiantly made me more thankful for what my ancestor pioneers have done. I actually started to tear up when I watched it, and that is saying something seeing that I never cry. I ordered it online and It should arrive sometime this week! Congrats on the mission call for Maryn! I hope she does great! she'll love it! That lady that saw that Bishop is doing great! We still talk to her. So, another funny story before I close. We were at a lesson a week or so ago and as we were teaching, the investigator looked down, paused, and said: You know, Elder Stuart, I just realized something about you. I said: What's that? He said: You have really big feet, What size do you wear? I told him then he said: WOW, that is HUGE! I felt so embarrassed when he said that but there is really nothing I can do! Oh well. Love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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