Monday, October 3, 2011

Sep 26th, Oct 3rd 2011

**Sep 26th letter & Oct 3rd letter**

So, How is everything going today? How was your week? This week was quite challenging. We had great things planned this week but a lot of things fell through which was incredibly frustrating but these things happen sometimes I really don't like having nothing to do but what can you do? We were in a car for most of the week. We switch off every Wednesday but we are trying to save miles so we were still on bikes every so often. I enjoy being on a bike, It's really healthy and gives me time to think. The bad part is that there isn't any bike lanes so we have to bike on the white lines on the busy roads. I've only gotten flipped off a few times; Not a big deal ;) So, as you can probably tell, I noticed that I didn't receive my package at all this week but I'll still be looking out for it you must be sending me something special if you are still gathering things together ha ha.

I actually did hear about Peyton Manning! that's too bad that he is out for the season. I hope that he gets well soon. I heard that he had to leave the country to get this certain kind of surgery. Is that true? Man, in a way I'm happy that I'm not watching football this season, because if I was then I would be super ticked right now :) But not to worry, Manning is probably making up a whole list of plays for when he is back, so things will be back to normal soon I hope.

So they are engaged? Well Congratulations! When is the big date going to be? Don't worry if I'm not there for it. This is where I need to be and I'm not leaving. Besides, I'm not allowed and I'm perfectly fine with that. I know that If I stay here that not only will I be blessed for it, but my family will be as well. That was a really good poem! who wrote it? Good job for them. So I talked to the person that was going to was baptized and asked him if he is really ready for it or not and he told me that he honestly is not. He wants to be baptized but he just isn't quite ready for it. I'm really happy that he told me this instead of us baptizing him and then he goes less-active.. Tell Dwight that I'm sending off the letter today, I'm almost done with it. I've been quite busy. I got a letter from Garrett again!!!! Man it's great to hear from him, I only get a letter from him like once a month.

I hope that you all have a great week and I'll talk to you next week! Enjoy General Conference!! Love you all!!

Elder Daniel Stuart


So I have not gotten your package yet but its all good, I'll be looking forward to it soon!!! I can't wait. Thank you for sending me it. I'm sure that I will like it. :)

So this week was pretty insane... Missionaries who live with members have a certain time limit to staying at there home and the limit is two years. We have been at the Nielsen's house for two and a half. So our Stake President has been looking around for a place for us to stay and he finally found one a few weeks ago. It's his house. So I'm not happy that we have to leave the Nielsen's house. They are great people!!! Sister Nielsen totally makes that place home away from home. They don't even want us to leave, Bishop Nielsen told President Johnson that it's really no big deal, we can still stay here. But unfortunately it has to happen. So we moved on Saturday, We now live farther away from everyone so we will still be at the Nielsen's house for lunch everyday to save time, gas, and energy when we are on bikes. So I don't remember the address to the Johnson's so for now continue to send my mail to my normal address or the mission address then they will send it to where I'm at now. But besides that, Conference went GREAT!!! I loved it all! being a missionary has made me appreciate conference so much more. Elder Holland's talk in Priesthood was my favorite. It seemed that Conference was too fast. Did Joey and Lauren go? I cannot believe that they are building ANOTHER temple in Utah and its going to be another one in Provo! well actually I can believe it. That temple is so busy. It's right across the street from the MTC and right down the road from BYU so it's always packed.

But the work this week was somewhat slow because of packing and moving stuff but this week should hopefully be better. We picked up another investigator this week! That was awesome!! He is a Pentecostal along with his father who is already investigating. They are fantastic! and are both very interested in the Gospel. We had a investigator with a date but he feels pressured so it will take a while.

That is really weired to hear that Danny and Kayleen will both be home soon. Feels like they just left. So when are Lauren and Joey getting married? Where? Well that was pretty much my week. Hope that you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the weather! It's slowly cooling down here. Love you all!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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