Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hey there,

So this week was somewhat bitter sweet... Transfer calls came in on Saturday and I'm leaving... I was so crushed when I heard this, I almost broke into tears and put a hole in the wall. I've come to really love this area with all my heart and I have really grown to love the people here as well, this area is super hard but I would never trade it for anything. I'm going to Mountain Home Arkansas. Arkansas again. I thought I would never go back there again, Oh well, I guess the Lord has something else planned for me. Everyone that I have talked to about this area has absolutely loved it and has had a load of success there. I'll be the Senior Companion again and will be follow up training a Elder Benton. He came out in late July. I'm pretty excited to start fresh in a new area tho. So on church on Sunday I told quite a few people and they weren't very happy, especially Sister Nielsen and the Bishop. I love that family! Then again there were some other people that didn't really affect them. Kind of surprised me but I just have to keep reminding me that I am just a missionary. It happens all the time to members, one come in and they leave and get a new one. Just another Missionary in a way, I'm here to serve them and the Lord and then go to the next area. But for some reason I can't help but to REALLY love the people that I serve. They are almost like family! Sorry if this sounds somewhat depressing, I don't mean it to be, Ha ha.

So the rest of this week, Bishop gave us a list of people to see, so we have been working on that quite a bit and we have been on bikes as well so it takes a bit longer then it would in a car. We easily bike up to or over 20 miles a day, I'm getting really used to this biking! So I found out that I will be in a full car area, I'm kind of bummed out about that, maybe I'll bike once a week or so. That is great to hear that you are in Primary, Mom! I'm glad that you enjoy it there, and congrats on the new Job, Lauren, I hope you enjoy it there. And I'm sorry to hear that work is slowing down with Dwight. I really hope that will pick up for you soon.

It is really weird that I have now been out for over 13 months! your right, this will be my last Halloween, winter, all holidays, everything! Holy cow! Good thing I'm not trunky :) It is just going by faster and faster. Oh, to answer your question about the picture. That white powder is flower, it was in those small pantie hose like material and we decided to rip them open and dump it on each other. The game was so big, that random people would drive in and watch us play. That was pretty cool!! Enjoy the new pictures. Well, that about it for me this week. I hope you all have a fantastic week! love you all!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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