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So this week was quite interesting, on Monday, we had a district outing in Claremore, its a town right outside of Owasso. We hung out with the Sister missionaries and the senior couple and went to the Will Rogers Museum that is that is there, that place was... interesting. He is some really popular guy that used to live around here in the early 1900's. The pictures of him honestly makes him look like a pedophile, especially with his pencil mustache. After that, we went to a Gun Museum! It has the largest gun collection in the world! Holy cow there were a lot of weapons! I forgot to bring my camera this week but I will next week, sorry! I'm going to miss that District, they are all really cool people! The people in the ward are amazing! I took loads of pictures with them as well. But I'm needed somewhere else! So I just realized that missionaries collect a bunch of junk if they are in a area for a while, it makes it that much harder to pack!

On Thursday, I woke up around 5:30 Am to finish packing, after that, we headed to Tulsa to transfer points and there, I met a few people that I recognized. I got a few pictures with them, then we left. I was in such a hurry, I didn't realize that I left my area until we got to Missouri. I sat with my cousin! Elder Stuart. Did you know that I have a distant cousin out here? I think I told you. The drive was really long. A total of at least 4 or 5 hours. Geez... But along each transfer point, I saw other missionaries and past companions. One good old reunion in my opinion. When we finally got to my transfer point, I met Elder Denton, he's really cool! very polite as well. He's from ( ready for this? ) Utah! I've only had 2 companions that are not from Utah. He is somewhat of a cowboy. He works on a farm all the time and with horses everyday. He has been out for about 3 months, so I'm follow up training someone again. He is older than me, it's weird to be senior companion over someone that is older than me. This area is super busy! as soon as I got there, we went straight to work! I love it. We met with a investigating family that believes in the Trinity and doesn't agree with the Godhead. We explained why we believe in that and they still didn't really believe it. They are all about the Bible, (as is everyone here) so I whipped out some Scriptures in the Bible that clearly explains how God and Jesus are two different people!!! that really made them think when they saw that. They then said: Well, what about the Book of Mormon, does it explain it too? We said of course! and flipped out some passages on that as well. That lesson went really well, the Spirit was definatly there. It really made them think. So, Funny thing about this area, there is a Town that we cover called Flippin. Can you believe it?! Flippin! HAHA!!!! That will never get old to me, they also have a Church called The Flippin Church of God. Holy cow! if someone doesn't think that is funny, then they don't have a sence of humor. I'm getting a picture of it, don't worry!!! I can't turn down a wonderful oppertunity like that! Welcome to Flippin Arkansas! hahaha!! wow... that made my day.

So the ward here is great, I found out that a good 85% of the members are old, really old. Mountain Home is a place where people come to retire. There is a very small amount of youth here, like 5 people. So my first day of church, and I got hit on already. Oh, brother... don't worry, they are not attractive, and I mean that in a nice way, not a jerky way. The Bishop asked me to go up and bear my testimony, I was more than happy to do so. After I was done, I was walking back to my seat and in the process, I saw someone that I regonized, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It literally bothered me for the rest of sacrament. After Sacrament was over, I went up to intorduce myself to her but someone beat me to it, as I was waiting, I heard her say that he name is Katherine. That name clicked! I now knew who she was! when she said that, I said: Kat! she looked around confused and saw me and smiled and said hey! she was a less-active in my first area, Springfield. She just moved here and her first day to church just happened to be mine as well. I tried so hard to get her to church in Springfield and she never came. How crazy is it that she came when I was here! Nuts huh? anyways, I'm enjoying this area, I still miss Owasso a lot, but I always will. I just have to keep moving on. I better get going, I love you and hope you have a great week!!!

P.S. Congrats Lauren on the Blessing! I wish I was there!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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