Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey Everyone!

I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing good. Except you, Mom, sorry that you are sick again, I hope that you will get better soon and back to normal. My New Years was alright. Nothing really happened, I didn't stay up but once it was the new year, the people below us made a whole bunch of noises and fireworks were going off! I just silently said to myself: " Oh, Happy New Year!" I was so tired and out of it, I didn't really care. That is great that you are starting your new job today, Mom!! how long are you going to be working there for? Only till April right? I was wondering when you were starting it...

So this week was good, We worked a lot this week actually, there were still a lot of people that were out of town but we still kept busy. We went on exchanges on Tuesday with the Zone Leaders, and since no one in the ward was willing to drive us all the way to Branson, Missouri, we had to drive up there. Geez, that really hurt us on miles, by the end of the day, we were almost at 200 miles! The exchange went good tho, I stayed in Mountain Home and we were able to see quite a few people. The other day, Elder Payne and I planned for about hour and a half for our most progressing investigator. We planned on teaching her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so once we got there, we both had a strange feeling that it wasn't what she needed, but we continued but before we started off, her husband said: "We have a question" I was pretty relieved to hear that seeing that they never have questions, They had a question about the Word of Wisdom. So we turned to the Doctrine and Covenants section 89 and read out of it and explained it. It turns out that she has a problem with Coffee and is afraid of getting caffeine headache with drawls, that made me think of you, Mom whenever you attempt to quit drinking Diet Coke. I told her that if she has faith and the will power and the support of her husband, she will be able to stop. She seemed more confident but still worried. Anyways, that was probably the highlight of my week.

We went up to Flippin (never gets old saying that) on Saturday to help with that house again. We normally do that every Saturday, this time we put up sheet rock for the ceiling. We had a lift to help us so our arms wouldn't give out. But other than all of that, things are going good, I did mention it to my Mission President but I don't think he said anything yet. I'm still tired but I did find some vitamins in the kitchen that are helping me, there is still a lot to do! So I don't really want to slow down all that much, all tho our health is more important. I love what I do and I know that sharing the Gospel to everyone brings blessing to myself, my family, and the people that I share it with. This is what the Lord wants and I will do my absolute best to accomplish what he commands. I hope that you all are doing well and I'll talk to you next week!!!! I Love you!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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