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So, Did you forget to write me this week? What happened? I know you would never forget! I take it that you didn't write me because of MLK day? You must of thought the place was closed? I actually completely forgot about that. I hope that can get mail today...

We had a pretty good week, unfortunately we were not able to see as many people as we had planned, a lot of things were off. On Friday, we had to go to the car shop to get a new tire, I ran over a screw the other day without realizing it, luckily the tire didn't explode. But as we were there, the man told us that we also needed to get out tires realigned, new front tires, and new brake pads. The total time took almost 4 hours! how ridiculous is that? Good thing that there were Sports Illustrated magazines there to keep me somewhat sane. We also had to go to Flippin a few times to help out on the house, I really don't mine helping them out, but, I think they are starting to abuse us a bit... Probably because no one else in the ward will help them, every so often someone will come out there but for the most part, its just us. I'm going to have to tell them that we can only help them about once a week. It is killing us on miles and so forth. So Arkansas has such weird weather!! On Thursday, it snowed a bit ( It was more like a sneeze ) but by the end of the day, most of it melted. Now, it's in the low 60's and dark clouds are coming our way with rain. It almost feels as if a Tornado is coming, but who knows!

Wednesday was really interesting, we went to the church to do something and the Bishop found us and said: "Elders, I need you in my office right now please." When he pulled us in we saw his second councillor and two younger people, male and female, sitting down. The younger lady was crying a lot and I could tell that the man was holding back tears. Elder Payne found these two people the other day when we were on exchanges with the assistants. They are not members, but the lady's mother is less-active, and the man is her fiance'. Well the story is that they lost there child to social services a few days ago because the doctors claim that they abused the child ( not true ) so they are trying to fight for there baby girl. So they asked for a blessing and other things that I do not know of. The Bishop asked us and his second councillor who would like to offer the blessing, no one offered so I raised my hand and gave them both blessings. It went really well, even tho I had no clue who these people were. I'm glad that I was there to offer it. They felt a lot better and told us and Bishop that they will be at church on Sunday. Well come Sunday, they came! I didn't really get a chance to talk to them during Sacrament but after Sacrament, I saw the man leave with a older lady, I assumed that it was his mother, but the young lady was still here with her own mother, crying. Bishop found us after second hour and told us again: "Elders, I need you in my office right now please." Man, everytime I heard that, I felt like I was in trouble. Well he brought us in and there was the young lady, in tears again. She told the three of us that her fiance' had to leave because he works night shifts and was exhausted. But, she also told us that they had a court hearing to see if they can get there child and they still cannot. But she also said that she and her fiance' want to be baptized!! My eyes widened a lot and my jaw literally dropped when I heard this. She said that she can feel the spirit all around and feels welcomed here. So we reviewed with here about what we will do and so forth so she can be baptized. We will also have to talk to her Fiance' about this as well and to make sure that this isn't just a scam for any reasons also.

For the most part, That was the best thing to happen this week. Everything is going good, and I'm still loving the work! I just find it really insane that I've now been out for over 16 months! Man, things just zip right through. So we were at a potential investigators place last night and they had the Golden Globe Awards on and a preview for a movie called 'The Adventures of TinTin' came on, that movie looks really good! along with other ones that were showned. They didn't want to turn off the T.V. So it's not like I could of forced them to do it. Happy Birthday Mom!!Any who, I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. Hopefully, everyone is well and work is going good still, I love you!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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