Tuesday, January 10, 2012



Wow! It sounds like you all have had a eventful week! I'm happy to hear that you are working a lot, Mom and there really isn't any snow anymore? Wow! There isn't any here too. It rained a little bit yesterday but that didn't last too long. Its January and I'm in a short sleeve shirt right now. Can you believe that? I don't think I have ever done that! It is so weird not having snow right now. It's throwing off everything, haha. I just hope it won't be a hot summer like it was last year. Holy Cow... I too think it is strange how fast that the mission life is going! 16 months! Wow! I'll be home before you know it! But don't worry, I'm not getting trunky :) Happy Anniversary by the way! How long has it been now 16? and Happy Birthday on Wednesday, Mom! Are you getting more and more gray hair? lol. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Bummer about Lauren getting a ticket, maybe she will learn next time that the law is there for a reason hahaha. Anyway, off with the letter....

My week went really good actually! we were able to teach a whole lot of people! Blessing certainly come through obedience!! but the sad part about it is that people here are very comfortable in the religion that they are in. They kind of like us over for just the company or to bash or debate all the time. But it doesn't get heated at all, because we don't bash! We have a investigator that we are teaching that wants to be baptized! but the only problem that she has is just to quit coffee drinking, so once she is done with the can she has, then she will be ready! We have been working on that house in Flippin every Saturday, slowly but surely it is getting closer and closer to becoming finished!

So transfer calls came in in Saturday, the District Leader got transferred to become a Zone Leader so everyone in the district was certain that I'd be the next District leader, Well it turns out that I'm not. It is some other missionary that goes home in 6 weeks and I am staying in Mountain Home and so is Elder Payne. Other than that, not a whole lot has happened. There is a Lady in the ward here that is 100% into Missionary work has 3 or 4 people that she is working on for us! She is a really sweet lady too and told me to tell you, Mom, that she is proud of you and to thank you for "raising such a amazing son" That is her words, not mine. Well I don't really need anything at the minute, I just wish I could listen to music that I want to listen to!!!!!

I got to get going, I hope that you all have a terrific week and I'll talk to you later!!! Love you guys so much!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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