Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hey Everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Well, I'm glad that you were able to watch the video! That is good that the girls loved it! Can you put it on the Blog at all? I actually forgot that I sent it. So yes, we did have a Ward Christmas Party, It was really good! we had it last Saturday and a lot of people showed up to it! we had a lady from the Philippians come, she is a nice lady, she is friends with a member here so we gave her a Tagalog Book of Mormon. There was a lot of food there at the party too, we took quite a bit of left overs with us. The Primary had sang a Christmas song too, it was really good, it's amazing when they sing, you can literally feel a difference in that room. It felt as if the spirit grew a exceeding amount and brought a huge smile to me. Children can do so many miracles! So that Santa that was in the picture is actually the man that we have been helping out with building his house. He is a really nice guy as well. Always willing to give. Sorry that you couldn't go to the Christmas party, but I'm glad that you still had a good time.

So for church next week, we only have Sacrament to go to so we will be getting out at 11:00 my time which is 9:00 your time, I may call later on in the afternoon for you, just to give you all time to get the presents out of the way. Thank you for Laurens number, I already knew it seeing that it was only one number away from mine, but a reminder helps. I'll be sure to call her but I have no clue how long I can talk to her. Oh, and to answer your question, No, we cannot Skype unless I am from a different country. In a way, I'm happy that I don't have to Skype, It may be to hard for me. Are you all excited for Christmas? I hope so, Being on a mission during the holidays really makes me appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. It seems that a lot of people forget what it's all about. Yes, being with family during this time is fantastic but when we put Christ in Christmas, I really enjoy it more.

The Colts won? Yes!!! That really brings me into a better mood! I heard that Manning is starting to throw now, I hope that he will be better for next season. This week for us was good, we were able to see a few people this week. We met with a new investigator of ours twice this week. She just get married to a member and she seems interested in the Gospel. Well we taught her the Restoration and she understood it quite well. She remembers learning about it in the past, we taught her the Plan of Salvation on Friday and she said: "Yes! This makes sense! This is how life should be! Not just Heaven or Hell, but more than that!" I was quite happy and surprised to hear that, we invited her to be baptized and she said that it would be something that she would defiantly consider, so it's not a yes or a no but she wants to know more before she makes the definite answer. She comes to church all the time and loves it. Her husband one week was really tired and wanted to go home after Sacrament and asked her if she wanted to go home early and said no! Yeah! the non member telling the member what is right!!! How about that!?!? For the most part, that was the highlight of my week, we visited a less active man and he has gotten into a bit of anti literature so he was asked a few questions that we didn't have a problem answering, he also randomly asked questions that were really ridiculous. I thought to myself: "Did he really just ask me that?" But I never got angry, he was curious and has every right to ask questions.

That is great news that the Missionaries back at home brought someone like that to church, he needs a really good fellowshipper but I'm sure they are on that already. I better get going, I love you all, I hope that EVERYONE has a verry Merry Christmas! and I'll talk to you on Sunday!!

Love always,

Elder Daniel Stuart

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