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That is awesome to hear that you are starting a new job next month, even tho its just a temp job. Mom! Prayers get answered fast. This is especially good because there are many people out there that are begging for jobs right now are are having no success what so ever. I see it all the time out here and it is incredibly sad. Hopefully that will help with the wedding a bit. So how is the Weather there? Remember when I told you last time that it has not snowed yet? Well, when we left the library, there was snow! I couldn't believe it! It only stayed for about 2 days then It melted. But it has been staying frosty in the mornings! But by the afternoon, it hits about 50 degrees. We really have interesting weather here. Is it snowing there? Is Lauren Skiing a lot? If so, Then she is very lucky... I miss that so much. Elder Payne snowboards a lot so we have many debates about this. I actually was not able to see the Christmas devotional last week, I had no way of seeing it. Everyone tells me that it was really good.

Elder Payne and I get along very well. He is probably one of the funniest kids that I have ever met before! We have a lot in common and in some areas we don't, it's funny, we sometimes argue over the dumbest things, it sounds like we are a old couple. It's pretty ridiculous, he's awesome tho. It's funny, he told me the other day: " Man, Elder Stuart, I've never worked this hard before in my entire mission! Could you slow down a bit!?" I told him: What are you talking about? I thought this was slow." We had a pretty good week this week! We are starting to see a lot of less-actives, there are a lot in the area! So that is what we did for the most part, we are not even close to being done, There are a few people that The Bishop wants us to see as well and he will be coming out with us. We are visiting a less-active lady that is 88 years old and for the most part enjoys the company more than anything, she repeats herself about 6 times but she is really nice.

We are teaching a young man that is dating another member in the ward, we taught him the Plan of Salvation last and I invited him to be baptized, he accepted but we are going to be careful and make sure that he is doing it for himself and not for her or anyone else. There is another investigator that we are going to start teaching that is very interested in the gospel and has been coming to church for quite sometime, she actually got married to a member a few weeks ago and we were there witnesses, it was pretty cool. There is another older couple that we are teaching that are pretty cool. They believe in the Trinity and are stuck on it. We have gone through scriptures countless times with them that the Godhead exists, not the Trinity. We had a Christmas party at the church on Saturday! It went pretty good, Elder Payne and I sat on Santa's lap and took a picture for a Christmas photo/card, that was funny. I got a stuffed bear out of it.

I am very disappointed to hear about the Colts this year, I've heard all about it and about that college kid that may Manning's spot!?!? are you kidding me!?!? If that happens, I won't be happy at all. You'll never hear the end of it with me. Grrrr. I hope that doesn't happen at all. On another note, I'm happy to hear that the Cowboys lost! I better say that quietly, there are a lot of Cowboy fans here. More Razorback fans then anything else. I better get going, I hope that you all have a terrific week. I'm happy to hear about all the blessings that are going on at home! Oh, I don't really know what else I want for Christmas. Maybe just money? I don't know, dont worry if you can't send anything. Have a great week!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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