Monday, March 7, 2011


Hey there!

This week was GREAT! Friday was probably one of the greatest days that I have had on my mission yet. The Assistant to the Presidents (AP's) came out on a exchange with us and it was great! they helped us blitz the area and the missionary I was on a exchange with us was in my opinion the best missionary in the field! We get along so well. He asked me some questions about the mission and I flat out told him that people are too hell bent on doing whatever it takes to baptise someone, when there forgetting that the most important thing to do is to touch the people's hearts as much as possible. Love them, Love everyone, and Love the work. I'm not saying that all of them do that, just a lot. He told me that he agrees with me 100% and he likes my Ideas a lot!

Yesterday was soooo AWESOME! got 3 new investigators and all with a date! We tracted into a house with a mustang outside and it was my turn to talk. So I knocked on the door and really gorgeous woman opened the door and my jaw literally dropped.... I had to say something so I started talking about her mustang and related it to the gospel. Awesome right? and she invited us in!!! her boyfrend was inside and it was his car. But anyways. They both seem really interested and they accepted a date! I'm so excited!!!

So yeah Sister Egerton made me a Cherry pie and it was gooooood!!! I kinda figured that she told you. :P Thats great that Dwight is healing slowly but surely! I'm also happy to hear that the moving is going good! Thats so cool that Avatar 2 is coming out when I'm home. I knew they were making one already tho. Possibly a 3rd one as well. I got to get going but Tell Everyone that I love them sooooo much and that I miss them a lot too. I hope that all is well. I'm taking pictures but I forgot my camera :S I am looking forward to your package! Love you all!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

P.S. Sorry for the short letter. I'm in a hurry :)

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  1. Sounds like he is doing awesome! He is growing up! The hard times make us strong!