Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey Mom,

I'm doing pretty good, This week shot by real fast, I didn't even have time to blink! This week was alright, We had a lot of appointments fall through and non of them come to church!! come on people! so that is really frustrating but I'm not going to let it get to me, Its just another trial that is set in my path. That is crazy that you are getting that much snow in that much of a short period. The weather here is a tornado type, it's a warm feeling that is pretty relaxing so you know that is when a tornado is around. I guess the other night we were on tornado watch and I didn't even know about it. Last night a big storm blew through and I didn't hear a thing. I'm normally a light sleeper and I didn't hear that! Also, I guess we have been having earthquakes lately but only small ones. I think the biggest one was a 4.5. So no worries.

Thats fantastic that Amber is going to be baptized that soon! I really do wish that I was there to see it but this is where I need to be. Oh, so get this, last week we were listening to some talks on CD and I was putting another disk in and I heard Metallica, Master of Puppets playing! I was freaking out and laughing really hard, I quickly turned it off, bummer tho because I really do love that song. I'm glad to hear that you guys are going to get a lot of help with the move! So is the ward going to put my picture on a plack like the rest of the missionaries? Because I dont have one of those. Its amazing how many of my friends are getting married already. Hopefully not to many, I'd like to attend to some of them! That is also really cool that Garrett is doing great! I've lost weight too! I think I've lost like 6 or so pounds! which is good! I've been eating really healthy lately and doing a lot of sit ups and so forth! I haven't gotten a e-mail from him in a while. Hopefully soon tho. Naomi tells me that he has been really busy with his companion. Hopefully a lot more will write me too! I'll be sure to post more pictures soon. I keep forgetting! Geez.

Well I got to go, The only thing that I really do need is stamps I have one left and I'm broke again.Do you think you could put more money in my account? If not I understand. You have done so much for me Mom! THank you SO MUCH!!!YOu know, Lol you could always send me a package of whatever if you want! but no worries. (ties!!! :P) Love you all soooooo much!!!!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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