Monday, February 7, 2011


Hellooooooooo there!!!!!

So I believe that that was the shortest letter that I have ever had from you. Haha It's all good cause you said you sent me a V-day package and a letter in it, Can't wait to get it! So, This week was kind of a drag in a way. Our mission president called the whole mission and told us to park our cars because of the storm that came through. It snowed one day, melted and iced over that night and kept doing it over and over again. It's like a snowball effect or iceball effect, whichever. But we have literally been stuck in our apartment a good 80% of the week, We have been doing a lot of studying but you can only do that so much till I start eating my face off. We have also done a lot of letter writing and playing the card game uno. Other than that, we have been doing some service, We helped a member in the ward, the Chandlers paint there girls room purple and also helping her sister move stuff out of her storage shed. Its been pretty awesome! I love that family!

I'm glad that Dwight is doing good! I've been praying a lot for him. Please have him E-mail me back!! and I heard all about the Superbowl I was going for the Packers, the Steelers have won to many Superbowl's. So no new investigators due to the weather, transfer calls came in on Saturday night and I'm staying here and Elder Reilley is leaving to Missouri on Friday. My new companion is Elder Vander. I have know idea who he is or where his is from or how long he has been out for. When is Lauren going to College? Be sure to take more pictures! I'm glad that Naomi got my letter! I love the Rook family to death!!!
Well I better scat, I'll keep an eye out for the package. Hope all is well. Sorry for a short letter, not much to report :(. Love you all!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

I have added a short message that a sweet member from Daniels ward sent to me last week. -Kim-

Hi there! Elder Stuart wanted me to tell you that he went to a doctor yesterday for headaches. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I pulled a 'mom' and also suggested he go to the eye doctor!!

They came up yesterday to give my son and daughter a blessing. I usually wait for hometeachers or my husband, but this time I was really concerned so I asked them to spend their precious miles and drive up here. Of course they did very willingly . . . and the kids are going to be just fine!

Your son was a blessing to my family, specifically, yesterday and I am truly appreciative!!!

Thanks, Robin

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