Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Mom,

This week was better. Last week we were snowed in for 2 days or so and it drove me crazy!!!! I'm glad that we have been out and about doing the Lords work again. No I haven't gotten the package yet but I'm still looking for it, I should get it today! and havent gotten the other letters from my friends yet..... I wrote like 9 letters to my friends a week or so ago and nothing yet. So, My new Companions name is Elder Zander and he is from West Jordan Utah and he has been out for 21 months. He actually transfered from the Everet Washington Mission. He didn't do anything bad. He just got a phone call from the mission headquaters and told him that he is needed here. He is a fantastic missionary! He reminds me so much of Garrett! he is so spitatual and he really knows how to teach! We were at a investigators house last night named Mark Daley and he really likes me. He says that I speak form my heart and he can feel the spirit when I talk to him. I have such a strong and confident feeling that he is going to be baptized soon!!! I'm so excited!! Elder Zander and I have a really good feeling about this transfer! We are gonna shread up this area one door at a time!! We fasted yesterday for guidence and inspiration on how many people will be baptized this transfer and I got a feeling that it will be 3 which is a lot! and he feels like its 2. Who knows, maybe it will be 5!!! Heck yeah!!!! So I hope that you get the house as well, I'll pray for you guys! I always do! :) I constantly pray for Dwight, for him to have success in the exams and to feel better. Also I pray for his heart to soften towards the Gospel. I have a positive feeling that it is working!!! Tell him that I love him and care about him a lot. How is everyhing else going? Good I hope. How are the Girls? I hear that they LOVE Harry Potter!! Oh yeah!!! Score one for me! Well I think that that is all that has been going on this week. Hope all is well. Tell Bishop and Alan I said there the Bomb and I love them, tell the Rooks I love them as well and still pray for them ;) Hopefully I will have much more to report next week. Keep the letters coming, I love them! Love you all!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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