Tuesday, March 22, 2011


***I posted this weeks letter from daniel and last weeks. Check them both out!***
Hey Mom, How're you doing? I have to make this quick, The computers are being timed now for a hour so I have to hurry, Things here are going great, This past week was kind of slow, We decided to walk around to save some miles and that really hurt us this week, But its ok. Numbers don't matter, To me at least, Some others it does. Thats great that you are moving in on Saturday, Very exciting. Transfer calls came in on Saturday night and we are both staying, I was super nervious I lost some weight in the process. I'm doing alright, Being a missionary is seriously all Physicaly, Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally....Draining.... I can only take so much of it and it really stresses me out. I gets annoying sometimes but I love it at the same time too haha. Good thing I have the Chandler family here in Alma!!! I love them all!! there kids are great!!! Sister Chandler is one of my best friends here.
Ummm lets see, we have a few baptisms coming up in Late April and a few in the middle I think, We finally are getting our investigators to come to church, Its as if someone hit them over the head and they finally got some common sense. I'm very thankful to have this happen. That is Hilarious to read what Kaelyn said at church, Haha!!! Just like her to do that. I'm happy to hear that Adam gave Lauren a Blessing, He's a great guy, he was my Home teacher companion before I left. Funny guy. I hope she gets better soon. Well I got to get going, I hope all is well for you all, I'm very happy to hear that Dwight passed all of his Exams. Yes!!! I love you all. Thanks for praying for me, it helps!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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