Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12th, 2011

*** Daniel's last two letters were kinda personal and short. He is having some issues with his companion right now. That is why there is a gap in his letters on the blog.***

Hey Mom,

So I'm sorry for the short fuse last week, I was just letting out a lot of steam that was built up inside of me for a while now, A member gave me a blessing last week that really helped me out a lot, he was crying when he gave me it, he said that he can literally feel the pain inside of me. I don't blame him for crying, its not a very nice to be right now....
This week was better than the last one, I think that he is realizing how much of a jerk he is to members so he is starting to change slowly. He is super trunky too so that doesn't help.

I got the small package the other day! thanks! I really loved it!! I'm looking forward to talking to you on mothers day, Holy cow! it feels like Christmas was just the other day. I cannot believe that I've been out for 7 months already!!! Crazy huh? It has been going by so dang fast!!! Where does the time go? Tell Amber I said Happy Birthday! and that I love her!!!!! Tell Grandpa that I said Happy Birthday as well and he better have at least some color in his hair when I get home. ;)

The weather here has been quite warm lately, the other day it was in the mid 90's with 50% humidity, the heat really doesn't bother me that much, I just sweat a lot so I'm consistantly thirsty. We have also been on Tornado watch off and on for a week or so now, not a huge deal. There is a city tornado shelter that we can go to. But the Bugs here are huge!!!! The bumble bees are the size of a large marble, the wasps are gigantic and the mosquitos are big also! I hit them with my hands all the time!! I just need to stay out of high grass areas, there are ticks and chiggers in there and they are murder!!

I'm looking forward to the package!!! I guess if I could pick anything for you to get me it would be ties and money and pictures. I'm good on shirts and slacks. :) This summer is going to be a crazy one, Huge bugs, I'll be 20, the heat, taking a shower in my sweat. Yep, life is good. I still haven't eaten anything crazy yet and I really want to! I even want to try Mountain Oysters, Why? I don't know, Just to say I have I guess. Lol. If you don't know what that is, ask Dwight, I'm sure he knows. Thanks for your support! I love your letters. I wish more people would right me. I could use my friends support too!!!

I got to get going, But Thanks for all that you do! I love you!!!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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