Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th, 2011

Hey Mom,

How's it going? this week was SO much better than it has been for a while now, Ever sense I got transfered, I have been working my Butt off and feeling the spirit more too. Elder Shaw is so awesome! We have been working alot and we just invited 2 new families to be baptized!! one is in June and the other in July, too bad I won't be there for any of them. But It's for the best I suppose. In a way, I'm pretty happy that I got Transfered, sure I miss Alma and the people A LOT!! but The past few weeks there were tough, I couldn't work at all and the useless rumors didn't help at all, not to mention my companion driving me up the wall.

So, Amber got baptized huh? Thats amazing!!! I wanted to call and talk to her to congradulate her but I can't. Its okay tho, Was she pretty happy about it? How was Dwight? Thats awesome that I get to talk to you guys soon! It just felt like I was talking to you guys on Christmas. I doubt it that I can talk to you on Skype, Our mission is pretty strict with rules, we can't even go fishing anymore.... But Joey comes home soon! I cannot believe it! he just left!!!

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately but I forgot to bring to cord for the computer. Maybe next week. The weather here has been so insane! Its been pouring here off and on for almost 2 weeks now, I hear the Tornado alarms almost every day, they went off yesterday in church and we had bring everyone into the chapel for safety because there are no windows there. There was a huge storm last night tho. It was pretty cool. Easter here was pretty cool, We didn't do anything, we didn't even have a dinner appointment! Lame I know. I got the package! Thanks!! I love it! I'm wearing the tie now! I was going to wear it for Easter but I completely spaced it. I hope that you are all doing well. Take care! I love you!!! Thanks for every thing mom.

Elder Daniel Stuart

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