Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th, 2012

Hey Everyone, Another week passes. It goes by too fast unfortunately, I've been looking back on my mission and thinking of all of the experiences that I have been through to make me stronger and learn more. What a blessing it has been! College can wait, I'm so grateful that I said "Yes" to my bishop to serve a mission. It's defiantly a adventure I will never forget. I've never been so stressed, so mad, so sad to the point I fall and cry, so happy, so confident, so exhausted, so excited, and so blessed in my whole life then right here while leaving my family and serving the Lord for two years of my life. I just wish I had the knowledge that I have now in the beginning of my mission. Anyways, we had a somewhat good week, it has been hot as usual, I remember one day, I was walking on the street and my feet were burning and I was wearing shoes!!! I looked in my closet the other day and noticed my hoodie jacket hanging up, it looks so lonely! It needs to be worn! Maybe I can crank my A/C to like 30 and then I'll wear it when I go to bed. We keep our A/C at like 68 all the time and when we come in from a hot days work, we open that door and wham! A cold front hitting me right in the face, all I can say is "Ahhhh....." Our investigators are doing well, we have had quite the challenge meeting some of them, some are super busy with finding jobs, some are having major a family crisis, and some are really sick but still puts forth the effort to come outside for at least 5 minutes to tell us that he is still reading and he prayed to know if it is true like we asked him to do and he told us that he knows it is, he's just really sorry that he can't see us as much as he wants to. He has some sort of a back disorder and is constantly seeing doctors, not to mention he is taking care of his wife who has M.S. Really badly. I pray for them and everyone else everyday and night. I also pray for my district and the missionaries I look over. Being a District Leader is quite interesting, I haven't yet held a meeting yet, we had Zone Conference on Saturday and we were able to see President and Sister Shumway for the first time, they are wonderful people! I hardly know them but I already know that he has been called by God to lead this mission in a very important cause. He's really funny and knows how to have a good time, he is also really obedient and blunt and bold but he does it in a very caring loving way. I'm kind of disappointed that I only get to serve under him for 2 1/2 months. Since that was my last Zone Conference, I was able to give my departing testimony, I'm the only one in this zone that is going home soon. Another person that gave his departing testimony was one of the Assistants who goes home at the end of this transfer. When President Shumway said that it's now time for departing testimonies, he looked right after me and said: "I don't know you, but I wish I would of gotten the opportunity to know you better" He was pretty bummed that I'm leaving and so am I. My 4th of July went pretty awesome, we are able to have a delicious BBQ with some members in the ward and watch them light off fireworks. It was much funner than last years 4th of July. I'm happy to hear that you guys had a great time watching them. How did the girls handle them this year? Still scared out of there minds? No, I'm not getting letters yet, I did get one from a kid from the singles ward name Chase but I haven't replied yet. Other than that, nope. I emailed Garrett and told him that I still haven't gotten his letter and he replied that it was actually sent back to him, so I think he will try again, or something like that, and he's like 3000 miles away!! At least he's putting forth the effort to write me and I have no doubt that he is busier than anyone back at home, yet he takes 2 hours out of his busy week to write me. What are best friends for, right? If you could try to get my college papers for NIC ready for me,then UofI, that would be great, Mom. Thanks! I don't think you really need to help me with a job, I feel that that is something I need to do on my own. I got the email with the info that you gave me, thanks! I got the rest of it on It is needed so the mission office can notify them when I'm coming home. Thanks for all that you guys do, I really appreciate it and I love you all a lot, Have a great week! Love always, Elder Daniel Stuart

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