Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 16th and 25th 2012 letters

*****THIS IS A COUPLE WEEKS OLD**** THERE IS NEW LETTER AFTER THIS POST. PLEASE READ THEM BOTH :)***** Hello!!! How the heck is everybody this week!? I hope you all had a great week, Sorry about the cool weather delaying you all from fishing and going to the beach, I would trade the weather that we have here with you! I'd gladly take weather in the 60's compared to 90's and humid, ugh... Man, last night it rained all night and this morning when we went out to bike to the store for some groceries, it was so humid! It wasn't even that hot too! when we came back to the apartment to drop off the groceries, the swear was literally dripping off me, oh well, 3 more months right? Anyways, thank you telling people to write me, I really appreciate it. I have officially taped my box shut! Hopefully, I'll send it off this week, It's a pretty big box so I need someone to take me out to the post office, I will be sure to send you a quick email when I send it off. Garrett got his release papers already? Dang. No, I still haven't gotten mine, don't worry, they will come. I'm almost certain that I will go home the 21st of September. I'll let you know when I get my papers! I swear, you're more excited for me to come home than I am JUST KIDDING! I think it's a bigger day for the family than it is for me sometimes. It's hard to explain, but I think it will be more harder for me to leave the mission than it was for me to leave home. That will be so cool if Garrett goes to U of I! I thought he had his heart set on BYU tho. I too was thinking of doing a semester of NIC and also working to save up money for U of I. If you ask me, that will be the smartest thing to do, especially since I'll be broke when I go home and I REALLY don't want to go into debt when I go to college. Please tell the Rooks that I still want them to be at the airport with you guys when I come home if they can make it. Also, tell the Griffitts that I said hello and I love them and miss them dearly. We had a pretty good week, it could of been better but we had to help some members move so that kind of put a damper on the work, but I enjoyed helping them and they needed it. We have a investigator here that is going to a really rough time with her family and gaining custody of some grand kids but i gave her a call the other week and she still wants to hear from us but she needs to get this taken care of. So I'm happy that she isn't blowing us off. One thing I'm trying to do is have more members come out with us during lessons. It was funny, I was telling Elder Ashby the other day that we need ward missionaries and I pointed one out in particular that would be a fantastic ward missionary and go figure, the next Sunday, he got called to be one! nuts huh? He is getting ready to go on a mission, his papers are in so he is just waiting for the call letter! In the mean time, we are going to have him come out with us as much as possible and The Bishop told me to use him a lot. Elder Ashby is doing pretty well, he is still really quiet, he told me that he has always been like that tho, I don't get it, when you get to know him or start a conversation he is so cool and hilarious! I need to get him to start talking soon, especially if he is going to take over this area, but who knows. I really do enjoy serving with him tho, I can't believe that this transfer is already half way through! Wow!! So, If you read the BofM, then you become better looking huh? Well, I can't lie about that one. I can see how that could work too. If you read it and live by it, that means that you are staying active in the church and so on and if guys do that, that means that they are honoring their priesthood and women love it when guys do that! That is so cool what Kaelyn said in her testimony! I miss her a lot, I miss all of them tho. I'll be sure to look for Grandma's letter, I need to write her too, by the way, I need to pick up some stamps! I'll be sure to drink plenty of water, don't worry :). I need some more sleep, sure I go to bed at 10:30, but I don't really fall asleep until 12:00 or later sometimes. I don't know what it is, my mind just runs like a million miles an hour. Something is constantly on my mind. I don't think I need anything, but thank you. I did put my suit pants in the box. If you could do me a huge favor, when you get the box, just put it away where nobody can get to it. Don't bother going through it, there is a lot in there! I really don't want the girls to go though it. I got to get going, I love you all and have a great week!!! Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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