Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hey Everyone! Hey! Thanks for the pictures! I was able to see all of them and it didn't take long at all to download them. I recognized most of the bridesmaids, except one I think. Was that Maelyn on the far left!? She's gotten really tall!! Yes Mom, I am still a pyro and I know how to handle it in case if things get out of hand. I've been thinking of buying a fire extinguisher but I realized that yesterday we have one outside our apartment. You should see the other things I've done, or maybe you shouldn't hehe... Glad to hear that you have still been working this whole time, Mom. I thought you were done months ago! Since it's ending today, I hope you can find a new one soon! You should get a job at Super One, I'm sure they would hire you, just don't tell them that I'm your son. They may not hire me back if I want to work there again. Do you ever go in there anymore? Are the same people working there? anything changed? That is awesome to hear that Dwight is starting to work again, I got a e-mail from him last week and it sounds like he is doing really good, I replied back but I haven't gotten anything, he must be busy. Oh, and yes, I am going to be sending off my package here pretty soon if I can, I called the post office and they said it should cost about $30.00 or $40.00. I'm betting $30.00 tho. I've got more than winter stuff in there. A few books, music, other clothes, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff that I have collected through out my mission. I also have something for Dwight in there that I know he will like. It may be best if you don't open it? or do. I just don't want the girls to get into it, you know? So my week, it was much better then it has been in a long long time! We taught more people and picked up 4 new investigators! and others that we have are really interested! the ward has defiantly been feeding us more and it seems like they are more help full. We are also working with the Bishop more often, I don't know if I told you about the Book of Mormon challenge that I presented to Bishop? Well he loves the idea and I will launch on the last Sunday of this month. Our ward mission leader brought a non member friend to church yesterday named Aaron. He has been looking for a church for quite a while and the ones that he has gone to he doesn't enjoy. Well we were able to talk to him about scriptures and how we don't have a paid clergy in church and he said that is how it should be! and I said Yes, yes it should!! he is a awesome guy, a little bit older than me. Funny story with him real quick, I showed him where the bathroom was and I decided to wait outside and talk with a few members about random stuff, rain, tornadoes and so forth. Then a lady came walking down the hall, who is married and has like 4 kids and she asked me how I was doing and about missionary work and so forth. I told her about Aaron and he then came out of the bathroom and I introduced her to him. We all chatted for a while then we left. He then asked me if that was my wife! I couldn't believe it! I tried to hold back my laughing and I quickly corrected him and explained to him that as a missionary, we are not married. I think he felt embarrassed, but I brushed it off of him and acted as if it was no big deal. But we continued to finish the lesson and he is really interested! he told us that he wants to learn more and he told us that he already knows it's true! we should be seeing him this Tuesday and talking to him about more. Yes, I too am sad that President Merkley is leaving. He leaves in early July and the next mission president is President Shumway. I will only be with him for two months, It would be cool if I could leave with President Merkley. We are having a zone conference in a few weeks and this will be his last one. There he and Sister Merkley will give there departing testimonies to us, like all missionaries will when they leave soon. I won't give mine until late July, the next Zone conference. I honestly don't really know what will happen with transfers in the future. President Merkley told me that I might go back to Mountain Home towards the end of my mission, but there is no guarantee on that. Things can always change. But, who knows!! Tell Amber I said Happy Birthday! Sorry that I didn't sent out a card, but I did sing to her! hopefully she heard me... :) I have been getting the sleep that I need and I am drinking a lot of water too. It's been pretty stormy here for about a week, it's pretty nuts! We are becoming biking pros! it seems like I have more and more energy when I bike now. The only thing I hate is when it rains or when the wind blows really hard when biking, that bites. I would love to talk to that guy who is in social services. That would be great! I bet I'll have to do a lot of schooling, what do you think? Glad to hear that Joey and Lauren are doing good, tell them I said hello! I also wrote John and Katie a few weeks ago too. I got to get going, I love you all and I hope you have a great week! The Church is true!!! Elder Daniel Stuart

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