Monday, March 26, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for e-mailing me, I really do enjoy receiving mail from you guys, it makes my week a hundred times better. And for the Letter that you sent me in the mail last week, Thank you SO much!!! Oh my goodness I had to take a double check to see what you gave me! I was just thinking that morning that we only have ten or eleven days until the first comes around again and I then we could get food. But now, we are going to the store right after this to grab some stuff! Thanks for the money, I really appreciate it you guys, I almost cried when I saw that. It's funny, it seemed like the day I got you letter, people called us up and asked if we need to be fed! Thank you again, and thank you for your prayers!!! Our ward mission leader here is awesome and he has literally been on a crusade for getting us dinner appointments and the Relief Society president is... strange, her mood swings are on and off like a light switch, and according to our WML, she is always like this. On Sunday, we went into the Relief Society room with our ward mission leader to give her the dinner calendar and asked if we could pass it around and she said yes, but as if it was some sort of a heavy cross to bare. Well after class, the three of us went back in there and a lot more people signed it and we thanked the RS president and she said "Oh yes! it's our pleasure and duty to help feed the Missionaries!! don't hesitate to give it to us next week and we will be pleased to help!" What the heck!?!? Ugh... I don't get women... I thought I did, but, you think you understand them for a minute and then they come around with some diversion and they bite you in the back! Anyways, On with the letter...

My week was okay. It rained a butt load this week, I thought I had to build an ark there for a second just to go and visit people! So the rain really put a damper on our work this week, not to mention it's spring break here so everyone and there dog was gone too. I remember earlier this week we had to bike to the library to print something off and we were not in there too long, well when we walked out, it was pouring, big time! I filmed it so I'll try to send it to you when we got home, we were soaked! and I didn't bring my rain coat. Stupid mistake on my part for sure. The skies have been clear for about two days now and that is when we taught the most. On Thursday we had interviews but on Wednesday, the other four missionaries from the district came over and spent the night for travel purposes. Man, six missionaries in one apartment was....a....blast!!! I had so much fun! I've been out the longest out of everyone there and I was in the other room and I heard someone mention my name so I walked in the main room and one missionary that has been out for six months asked me what are the things makes me most trunky out of anything. Well, I told him and everyone else that excluding family, its girls, sports, movies, video games, and driving alone. (In that order too ) They all laughed and we had a good time.

The interviews on Thursday with President Merkley went really well! The Merkleys actually go home in July so I'll have a new Mission President for the last two months of my mission. Bummer, right? Turns out his name is President Shumway and he is from Utah. No surprise there, and he has two children that are still in school and will be coming out with the Shumways. When I was speaking with President during interviews, he asked me how I'm enjoying training. I told him that I love it, but it is really hard a lot harder then I thought it was. The smart man he is, he then asked me: "Didn't you ask me a few months ago if you could train?" He practically said it word for word in the letter I sent him. I grinned and laughed and said yeah, you did. He laughed at me and told me to be careful what you wish for what you wish for next time! I honestly love training tho, but it really is a hard thing to do! especially if his last companion didn't do anything with him. President has a lot of trust in me and is very proud of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I think back to when I first came out to now and how much I've grown, matured experienced things that will benefit me for the rest of my life. I remember when I was really homesick, and I told President that I don't think I am fit for being a missionary and I would like to go home. He bluntly but lovingly told me that I will be homesick for the rest of my mission but if I work as hard as I can, it will be time for me to go home, and when that time comes, I won't want to go home. Well, so far, he is 100% correct. I love this work and I don't really want to go home, because I know that I will NEVER have a chance to do this ever again, even if I go on a mission with my future wife. To answer your question Mom, yes, I have been thinking about work and college a lot and I am still unsure of what I want to do. I think Garrett is going to BYU in the near future and he really wants me to go there too and I've heard nothing but good about that place, but, my grades... I talked to President Merkley and I told him that I am not really sure what I want to do in with my life in the future and it is literally scaring me to where I don't want to go home at all sometimes. He told me to not worry and to study and become most knowledgeable in things that I enjoy doing and also, The Lord will help me where to go and what to do. I swear, whenever I have interviews with President Merkley, it seems like he looks into my soul when he looks at me. It's like he can read you like a book, so don't bother lying to him because he will call your bluff. I wish you guys could meet him and Sister Merkley, they are wonderful people!! So, am I worried about the future? Yes. But know that The Lord will help me in return with what I've done for him.

Can you believe that General Conference is coming up already!?!? where does the time go? I'm looking forward to watching it again. Mom, if you can, could you find some way to round up tickets for next time or next year? You'll need to speak with the bishop, he can direct you towards the right direction. I'd love to go there! Oh, and yes, I did hear about Manning going to Denver. Not only am I mad about it, I'm also really worried about him, they don't even know if he can play and the opposing team will do what ever it takes to crush him to where he will be forced to retire. So I'm still a huge Manning fan, and a huge Colts fan! But I just don't like the Broncos... at all... Well, that's about it, nothing new or exciting really happened. I hope that you all have a great week and I will talk to you later!!!

Love always,
Elder Daniel Stuart

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