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3/5/2012 and 3/12/2012

***Two more wonderful letters from Elder Stuart!! The first one is from March 5th and the second one is from March 12th! I will be more consistant now that the wedding is over. Hope you all enjoy :)****

March 5th,

Hey Everyone!!

So how the heck is everyone?!?! From the letter you sent me, it sounds like you all are super busy, with the wedding and all, I can see why. That's okay that you haven't sent off the package yet, as long as I get at least one letter a week from you, it's fine with me. Oh, speaking of mail, I got three letters last week! Woohoo!!! and to top it off, they are ALL from females!!! well, one is from Grandma, but still, YEAH!!!! Haha. Well I normally average one letter a week, from Grandma, and your right, I do need to write her back, I've been thinking about that for a while. I've been pretty busy tho! So, I hear that Ashlee Gay is married now? Woah, so many of my friends are getting married like it's some sort of fad-like thing to do now.

You all want to hear something nuts?!?! There was a tornado in Lebanon early Wednesday morning. Like 12:30 in the morning. But the night before, we were walking to a appointment and the weather felt really good, too good. Dwight will know what I'm talking about, when a tornado is about to come, the weather is warm in a comfortable way and I knew that it was tornado type material. I said to Elder Young, "Elder, I think we are going to get a tornado tonight" and I was just joking around. But around 12:30 at night, I was in a dead sleep and I heard the siren go on and off, I thought it was Elder Young Pulling a prank on me but it sounded too real. About 5 minutes later, a member called us and said "Elders there is a tornado heading right for Lebanon, you are more then welcome to come to my place, I have a basement. So discuss it with each other and I will some pick you both up." So we talked about it for like a second until we heard a huge gust of wind outside, It was loud. Real loud. So I called him and told him to come get us. About 2 minutes later, he was here. I threw on some street clothes, wallet and such stuff, I wanted to grab my camera and journal because I can't replace those, but I can always replace my Scriptures and suits. But I felt a prompting to leave everything and go! I heard it as if someone was gently, but boldly talking to me. So I left them and took off. When we were outside, it was hailing and the the wind was blowing hard, so we ran to his jeep and he sped off. When we got to his place, the storm actually started to calm down, and we stayed at his place for a hour or so. I wasn't really scared, but I did have adrenaline pumping through my veins big time. All in all, the storm was not that bad, we found out that it was on the east part of Lebanon and it barely got into town. I thing that it killed one person and it ripped off a bit of the roof to a Lowe's hardware store, there are a few trees ripped out of the ground and some fences are destroyed. But there is no reason to be worried, I'm perfectly fine, the Lord was defiantly watching over us.

So, we had a pretty good week. You know how I was telling you how Elder Young's last companion was really lazy? He never left the house and they would only teach like one or two lessons a week. I'm not bragging or boasting, But since I got here we have been working really hard together and was able to see a lot more people then that. I am still trying to get to know the area better and the members as well. This place has a lot of good potential. The other day, we met a man that is in a nursing home and he looked miserable there, I have been to a lot of nursing homes on my mission and they are all depressing to be in. Now I know why you guys tell me to NEVER put you in a nursing home. Well, this man was so miserable and in pain, I almost cried. No one deserves this, It made me think of the Resurrection that is mentioned in Alma 40. We will all have perfect bodies, no matter who you are. Its a free gift to everyone.

Well, other then all that shenanigans, Life is good, I'm staying in shape, and am loving the mission world, even tho I am getting cursed at almost everyday be teenagers driving by, If only they knew.... Well I love you all and I hope that you all have a great week! I'll be sure to write Lauren too. Bye!

Elder Daniel Stuart

MARCH 12th,
Hey Everyone!

I'm doing pretty good, the weather is defiantly warming up here, it's in the mid 70's right now. Crazy huh? But this weather wont make up it's mind to stay warm or cold. No tornado's here this week, thank heavens, I like it when that doesn't happen! When I do send off my package, I may just send it and when you see the price of it, you can just give me that much back, or something like that, I don't know yet. Speaking of package, did you get the one that I sent to Lauren yet? I sent it to you address. It's a small box.

So yeah, I was thinking about the wedding all day on Saturday, I keep forgetting that Lauren is married now. I really wish that I could of been there for the wedding and all but I love what I'm doing and I couldn't leave this place, even if I wanted to. Tell John and Katie that I said hello. I love them so much. I miss them too. So, Where did Lauren and Joey go for there honeymoon? I'm thrilled to hear that the wedding went well and the weather was fare. How wonderful it is to make those sacred covenants with the Lord for eternity. So who all came to the reception? Were the Rooks there? I bet a lot of Laurens friends were there? Who was her maid of honor? Who was the best man? Yes, please do send me pictures, I've been wanting some for a while now. Hopefully you all took a lot!

So that thing that you hear about my 'walking papers' are pretty true, I already know when I go home, It's September 18th or the 20th I think. Man, I have six months left! I can't believe it! Last time I checked, I just left the MTC. Where did the time go?! I had a pretty good week this week, We were still able to see some people. It's hard to travel around only on a bike when our area is so big, I talked to President Merkley about getting a vehicle and he said that we can't get one. There used to be one in this area but the missionaries wrecked it, and they also lived out of town. Now that we live in town, apparently there isn't a reason to have one now. I'm praying constantly for some sort of a way for us to see more people other than tracting, I'm sorry but tracting is so useless here. It may work in other areas of the country, but here, where everyone has a baptist religion doesn't want to hear from us at random hours in the day. I get so mad when the wards that I serve in don't want to help us with the work, they still think that missionaries tract all day long, and the way that members should help us is by feeding us once a month. NO!!!!! That is not how it works! Yes, it's fine and dandy for them to feed us, it really is a blessing, but, there is so much more then that. Every member has a non member friend, no matter who you are, It's not that hard to share the gospel with them, you won't lose them as a friend, the worst thing they will say is no. Ugh. Sorry, I've become very passionate about missionary work ever sense I've became one.

Anyways... The work is good. It may not be the best right now, investigators may not be coming to church like they said they will and other stuff like that, but it's good. I enjoy the work, I love what I do and what I do will bless me and others in the future. I Love you all and as you can see, I have a very strong testimony of this Gospel and Missionary work. I also know that through faith, prayer, your attitude, desire, and patience, a lot of patience, blessings will come. Have a great week everyone!

Much love,

Elder Daniel Stuart

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