Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello there,

So this week had it's ups and Downs, I was sick for about 3 days with a chest cold so we didn't work at all. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a inhaler to use and some other medicine. I am so grateful for missionary insurance!!!! I only have to pay 10 dollars for prescriptions, co pays, and other stuff no matter what. A dentist in our ward prescribed me some canker sore medicine and asked me if I am on my own insurance? I said i'm not sure, the church pays for it and I only pay 10 dollars, he said good, cause I'm going to get you the good stuff. He wasn't kidding! the insurance saved me 450.00 on a tube of cream!! holy cow! Well, I'm feeling better, I'm still hacking up stuff but I feel great.

So, if I'm correct, the page that they are talking about is Mormon.org members can create a page of there own and you can share your testimony on it and tell them why you are a Mormon. I believe that all you need is your membership number. It will take a few weeks for your page to be created. The church has to review it to make sure you are not putting anything inappropriate or apostate. But it is a fantastic tool to use, I encourage you ALL to create one and become familiar with it like I have. The last baptism I had came from Mormon.org, so it works. I cannot create one as a missionary here, we are not allowed to in this mission, which is cool, I don't need to. Yes, I did get Dwight's letter last monday but if he sent another one, I have not gotten it yet. I'll keep a eye out for it!

That is great to hear that you enjoy primary, Mom. Those children are amazing. Here, they all colored pictures for Elder Joyner and I. It was missionary month so that is why. I loved it! we have like 60 primary kids. They all have such sweet hearts and spirits. It's amazing how much of the Gospel they know, just listed to them. Keeping it "primary simple" is the simple basics of the Gospel. I've listened to the children here and I swear that they will make excellent missionaries in the future. I would love to serve in primary. I'll be looking forward to recieving the package, If you can, could you send my some music? Just not any tribute cd's, they are country and I hate country, and no EFY one's as well :) But Piano music, This is the Christ, Men's motab, stuff like that maybe? Also, The best two years movie. In a nut shell, that is what I do, But things have changed a bit. Also, PICTURES!!!! Its been ages since i've seen any new ones.

Okay so transfer calls, I'm staying! and Elder Joyner is leaving. I'll become the Senior Companion for the first time and I will also will be follow up training a missionary. That means that we are trained for two transfers and follow up trained for one. So he has been out for about three months. His name is Elder Chriss and he is from Gilbert Arizona. Finally, not a Utah companion.... I'm so happy I'm staying here, I love Owasso! I just wish there were mountains here.

Wanna hear something funny? All that news from home, I already knew would happen. Garrett, Adam, and I have been telling Marisa that she is going to have little red heads running around very soon. Sounds like we are right. And for Lauren and Joey, knew it. You knew it too, Mom. :) Can I have Joey's address or E-mail address please? Don't be too worried, Mom, she's growing up! We all saw this coming :) Joey is a great guy! Tell Dwight that I trust him and he is a good friend of mine.

So real quick before I log off our whole zone went to a minor league baseball game yesterday!! The Tulsa Drillers. It was awesome!!!! President and Sister Merkley came too. President Merkley is a Baseball freak!!! But we all had a blast and I got a little red. It's okay, I need some more color he he. Well I love you all and I hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent you! Love you all!!!

Elder Daniel Stuart

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