Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hey Everyone!

So this week wasn't as crazy as last week but it was pretty odd. But first off, Mom, that story that you told me is really bizarre! I have no clue what I would do if one of my investigators did that, I could be just plain blunt with him or some how sweet talk my way around it but I just hope that doesn't happen here ever!! Gross... But that cowboy bible study thing that I go to is not ran by our church what so ever but it is a pretty cool place, everyone is nice, the preacher dude used to not really like us and would try to avoid us, but he is now, slowly but surely, lightening up to us. He will now talk to us a little bit, shake my hand, smile and wave at us. The weirdest thing that happens there in my opinion is that all they play is country type of gospel music. Well you know me, I hate country. I'd prefer rock but I have no say in it. :P We actually have two baptisms coming up on February 18th. We have been working with them for a few weeks now, it's the couple with the child, remember me telling you about that the other week? Well things there are going well. They love every minute of it!

So I had a interesting week, I had to go on two exchanges, one with one of the Zone Leaders and the other with the District leader, So I was out of my area for two days this week, I am so burnt out with exchanges. I had too many on my first year of my mission lol. Oh well... On my exchange, I met a lady that has breast cancer, she just went through another phase of chemotherapy so she doesn't have a single hair on her, literally, not even her eye brows. I felt really bad for her but she seemed to be in a somewhat positive attitude with it. When I finally got back to my area, we continued to work hard and harder. We have started to finally see the blessing come through our hard working efforts! I really hope that I continue to see the blessings. We picked up a investigator that the missionaries in the past used to teach, he is really cool, we taught him the plan of salvation the other day and he loved it! We gave him a soft commitment to be baptized and he accepted it.

Well to be honest, nothing else really happened this week, we are just working a lot here! Oh! I got a letter from Garrett! it was great hearing from him again, He sound like he is doing a great job out there! He mentioned the old days when we did crazy stuff, It almost brought a tear to my eye because we may not do some of that stuff when we go home. I was really happy to get a letter from him tho. I'll see if I can give that stuffed monkey away, I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures tho. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Daniel Stuart

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